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i forgot acruical question when interviewing current au pair!

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chloeb2002 Tue 03-Nov-09 21:02:24

OMG! I have just learnt the hard way that it is very veyr important to ask a potential AP what they will eat... my word.. i guess we are what you would call unfussy eaters but current au pair eats only chicken.. no onions....some fish and thats it! ahhhhh. we live mostly on mince.. red meat.. quality butcher sausages... my saving grace is that i think i can convince her to head off on her travels again around xmas! Phew... chook aint cheap in australia... also she spens alot of her time in her room, which is fine i guess and i feel sorry for her as my brood get up about 5 am as it si heading to summer here and gets lioght at 4 am atm so we eat bfast early... swim etc early... lunch early and dinner early follwed by bed early.. yet ap gets up at 10 am ish and by then half our day is up... anyhow il be back to work on friday so fingers crossed she gets up in time at 6 am!

Millarkie Tue 03-Nov-09 21:20:33

Oh no! It's one of my standard questions - but I have to admit that it doesn't matter how they answer it on the email, they still manage to have some sort of strange diet needs by the time they turn up (Current au pair is an exception and bravely eats anything I cook).
I had one au pair who said she ate 'anything except offal' which seemed fine but in reality she wouldn't eat carbs and lived on huge amounts of veg and exotic fruit.
Can your au pair eat a few veggie meals a week (we are veggie all the time ) if chicken is a tall order in Australia?

chloeb2002 Wed 04-Nov-09 08:48:20

its just hard when i insist that my children eat what they are given... then see ap eating something different... a one off thing would be easy but when im so far out of our norm its tough! we live mostly on mince and red meat.. with salad.. with some chook thrown in but feel like meal times ahve become a war zone for me!

southeastastra Wed 04-Nov-09 08:49:58

why do you eat so much red meat?

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