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looneytune Mon 02-Nov-09 14:32:23

Hi everyone

There's a bag of sweets left over from halloween on the table (didn't have many this year so more for us grin)

I thought I'd see how everyone is, feel out of touch AGAIN!

Well a lot of you know I had this complaint thing going on. Well, Ofsted came to me on 31st July, I got set actions which were ridiculous, I complained about the inspector which they received on 3rd September and I'm STILL waiting for a response!!! angry They were supposed to reply within 20 working days, then gave themselves a new deadline of today and well, I'm not holding my breath!!! Honestly, how long do they need?!!! They've cocked up on pretty much every level (I've had to complain FIVE further times because of the way the complaint has been dealt with) and I've still not had one single letter in response!!

On a positive note.......dh is now working with me and so far so good. The first of the new mindees started on Friday and has settled in beautifully. Fingers crossed the one who starts tomorrow will be the same!

Right, time for a cuppa me thinks, I'll put a pot on the table so help yourselves

Numberfour Mon 02-Nov-09 14:38:23

i am glad it is back to school and back into a routine after a hectic half term (which included the funeral of my one in a million uncle sad).
looneytune, i had wondered myself about another matter who i could complain to about OFSTED if my matter came to that. To whom is OFSTED accountable? no idea, myself..... anyone else?

thanks for the tea! hhhmmmmmmm

Danthe4th Mon 02-Nov-09 14:47:09

Thanks for the sweets but I can't take any more sugar!!!!

Had a good half term with my own dd2 celebrating her 13th b'day so we had 8 teenagers for a sleepover, and they were all lovely.

No mindees over half term they were poorly so back to work this morning and one still has a viral rash but dad is sure its chicken pox so I couldn't take him.

Need a bit of inspiration to catch up on some paperwork and to print off photos for the learning journeys, I hate it when I get behind, it always takes me so long to get it done.
Coffee for me please x

looneytune Mon 02-Nov-09 15:02:18

No4 - I'm so sorry about your uncle As for complaining, there is a full procedure online but you start off complaining to the National Complaints Team at Ofsted. If I don't hear by close of business today, I'll be taking it to the next level. There are many levels including external adjudication service. Email me (enquiries at helenslittleangels dot co dot uk) if you want more info

Dan - 8 teenagers for a sleepover shock Gosh, I've got all that to come one day have I!!! grin As for paperwork, I bet my backlog is bigger than yours!!! blush Good luck catching up!

Well my half term was busy when I was open but I closed at 2pm Monday and didn't reopen until Wednesday so it was sort of a short week. We had to take ds2 into hospital as he was struggling to breath (we knew he had Bronchiolitis but it got worse). Luckily the hospital staff were great and wouldn't let us go until he'd had help and was more under control. Was very scary but he's fine now. Lost over £300 because of it and we're broke but getting him better was far more important than a bit of money. Good job I've got a few overnight stays this month!! It's inset day today so back to school tomorrow, be nice to get back into the normal routine

vInTaGeVioLeT Mon 02-Nov-09 20:35:14

had a good meeting with *fingers crossed* future clients today grin

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