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Question about public liability insurance

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Unlurked Mon 02-Nov-09 12:19:17

This is probably a really silly question!

Do childminders need to have public liability insurance as well as home insurance or instead of?

xoxcherylxox Mon 02-Nov-09 12:34:19

public liability is to cover any children in you care or any1 who may have an accident in your house. home insurance is for you normal building and contents.

badgerhead Mon 02-Nov-09 13:14:56

Yes we do as part of our registration requirements.
Taylor made ones are available from the NCMA, you need to be a member to get it, or Morton Michel.

Danthe4th Mon 02-Nov-09 14:28:54

I think I paid around £26 last time I renewed

Unlurked Tue 03-Nov-09 10:00:28

Thank you!

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