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Going to visit/interview a childminder tomorrow taking dd with me what should I be asking her????

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sallystrawberry Thu 16-Jun-05 00:13:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Skribble Thu 16-Jun-05 00:18:39

How she disiplines, what are her behaviour boundries, does she take them out, is she relaxed with messy play, what does she feed them.

Write it down so you don't just sit smiling politely trying to remember.

See how she interacts to DD and how DD reacts. Does she seem natural or is it just for show. Are the other kids having fun or running wild or hiding in the corner.

sallystrawberry Thu 16-Jun-05 00:21:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

feelingold Thu 16-Jun-05 00:47:25

Anything, you might not want to ask something as you may be afraid it may seem trivial, but your dd is very precious to you so if it matters to you ask.
she should also have a portfolio which should answer a lot of your questions straightaway.
Good luck, I hope you like her.

alibubbles Thu 16-Jun-05 07:27:56

Message withdrawn

KatyMac Thu 16-Jun-05 07:53:29

Ask about holidays - when hers are and what are the charges (might be full fee for up to 4 weeks-thats what NCMA advise)
What if s/he's sick?
What if your child is sick?

sallystrawberry Thu 16-Jun-05 09:27:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

majorstress Thu 16-Jun-05 14:46:00

I'm about to start looking at this option (have tried everything else under the sun), so thanks from me too.

One thing I will be checking is are they willing to participate in the Childcare Voucher scheme - this will save me a lot of money over the course of a working year- all registered childminders CAN do it, but one of my nurseries is "too busy" to fill in the very short form!

Also I have been otherwise happy with that nursery for many months, but this week it became clear that they are not at all supportive of my dd's (age 2) potty training-with which progress her nanny, myself and other nursery are delighted -again due to "lack of time" to take her to toilet or change her after an "accident" (which only happens anywhere else if no-one is paying attention to her). !!! wierd huh? So, my general point is, what is suitable at one stage may not stay that way for you and your kid. Try to think ahead.

uwila Thu 16-Jun-05 19:08:31

Ask her if she has another chilminder friend who would take your dd/s if she is ill, on holiday, or otherwise unavailable for work. will she arrange this cover for you, or will you have to arrange it whe she can't take your kid(s).

uwila Thu 16-Jun-05 19:09:29

BTW, Majorstress, how the heck are you??? Haven't seen you in ages. How is the nanny working out?

sallystrawberry Thu 16-Jun-05 21:43:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

majorstress Fri 17-Jun-05 09:33:34

On balance, my live-out nanny isn't much improvement over my au pair, and costs much much more. She is good in the actual nannying, nice and well behaved (i.e. doesn't eat all the food and then complain about it not being what she prefers) I am hoping she look after the children all day during some of the summer break from school and one of the nurseries. I find I still need more help with housework, even though in term time she has over 6 hours of kid-free paid time in the house each week. She has to be told to do each and every thing every day in that department, cannot follow or understand the written list, and just stands there looking at me while I struggle to get meal ready on arrival from my work. Also she is having relationship and mother (crying on phone) troubles and has asked for 4 days off in June to go home to Mother, right in the middle of school term-so there goes my annual leave I was going to use to spend more time with MY elderly dad in the USA. As she is so very expensive with tax and all, and I would have to pay 100s of pounds for courses to get her Approved for Childcare Vouchers, I think I am going to shift (slowly) to a childminder plus proper cleaner since that is a) cheaper, b) I can use my nursery vouchers so cheaper still c) my home will be in order as it was when I had a housekeeper 2-3 times a week, and both kids out of the house all day, so I can spend time with my girls when I get home from work. That's the theory anyway. It's all a pain anyway. How are you Uwila?

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