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Any Childminders around that have done the nvq3 ccld?

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2anddone Sun 01-Nov-09 11:28:25

Hi I have started my NVQ 3 CCLD and the assessors and tutors at my local college are beyond useless. I am studying from home but when I went 6 weeks ago to do the form filling in and get my workbook I was told I would be contacted with dates for evening tutorials, I have heard nothing my friend is on the NVQ 2 and was asked by her assessor where her textbook was, I haven't been told about a text book am I supposed to have one for the level 3? I keep tryong to call the college but they haven't replied to my messages so I am plodding along trying to gether evidence and write up units but it is a bit like stumbling along in the dark as I don't really know if I am doing it right! Has any childminders completed the level 3 and if do you have any tips or pointers to help me please TIA

Danthe4th Sun 01-Nov-09 12:03:16

I've nearly finished but am not doing mine through a college i'm doing it at home through aspiration training, there are loads around. You need a text book and if you haven't been supplied get the penny tassoni one from amazon qid=1257076869&sr=8-1

You can't do it without, loads of help around and i'm glad to help, pm me if you get stuck and i'll point you in the right direction of a couple of websites.
You'll be fine when you get going.

2anddone Sun 01-Nov-09 12:13:17

Thanks so much if you could either link the websites or email me em _ I would really appreciate it. Have just ordered the book so hopefully it will start to make sense now!

underpaidandoverworked Sun 01-Nov-09 13:20:18

I did mine 2yr ago - agree the Penny Tassoni book was invaluable. Also got loads of info from the NCMA 'Good Practice in Childminding' and 'Diploma in Home-based Childcare for childminders and nannies' by Sheila Riddall-Leech.

Will be happy to help - CAT me if you have any questions. Good luck x

Danthe4th Sun 01-Nov-09 14:08:50

I'm sat doing mine now and another book which is invaluable is d=1257084210&sr=1-1 this is a very helpful forum and when you join you can gain access to the nvq3 discussion page

Also if you get stuck on a question just google it and it will come up with ideas, theres another forum,
good luck

2anddone Mon 02-Nov-09 10:19:29

Thanks so much!

RosieGirl Mon 02-Nov-09 20:40:11

It may be too late, but when I started my NVQ 3 I was informed that I would have to attend 6 "induction evenings" from 5-8pm at night, the college was over an hour away for me (I had already said I couldn't regularly get to a college) and I am the local childcare, there is no-one I could leave my own children with, I called my training people and told them that I would have to put it off for now. They were incredibly helpful and said they would get someone to contact me to discuss other options. Within 2 weeks a lady called me and made an appointment to see me, I thought she was just coming to disuss alternatives. She came in signed me up, left me with lots of stuff, advised me to get the NVQ workbook, and made an appointment to come again in 6 weeks. Initially I E-mailed my work to her and she would mark it off, then she got me involved in doing it through one-file (an on-line portfolio assesment) and I did it through there instead, no handwriting!! I could consistently check my progress and there was no passing of my file, so I could do as much as I wanted and she would asses it and then let me know any gaps I had to fill. She regularly came to do obs on me, also coming on a summer outing to a farm. It was sooooo painless. I finished in record time and hopefully should get my certificate soon. They were called the NVQ Consortium.

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