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Suggestions please for a leaving present for a fab CM

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pregnantpeppa Fri 30-Oct-09 20:57:05

If you were a CM who had been looking after a mindee for 2.5 years, had been very flexible and had a really good relationship with the mindee and parents, what would you like as a leaving present? Was thinking maybe a spa day voucher, but then not sure if CM would be the sort of person to go to a spa on her own - I looked into trying to get a voucher so she could bring a friend but not sure I can afford it. I also thought of getting a voucher for the whole family to go to a theme park (she has two boys aged 13 and 10 and I'd like to get them a present from my DD too as they are so lovely playing with her). Any other ideas much appreciated please!

claudialyman Fri 30-Oct-09 22:48:06

your theme park idea sounds lovely! also with christmas coming fast i think many people would really appreciate a voucher for wherever they shop for gifts, food etc to keep costs down or get extras they wouldnt otherwise -M&S, or any of the supermarkets. think your theme park one the most thoughtful tho!

Littlefish Fri 30-Oct-09 23:13:27

I bought dd's lovely childminder a digital photo frame. I pre-loaded a few photos of my dd with her own children on it and she then added loads of her own photos on it. She absolutely loved it.

Voucher for facial/massage/nails at local salon perhaps. DD got me one for last mothers day and it was soooo fab - me time with no kids around grin

Or voucher for local restuarant, then she could share it with DP - one of my parents did this and we had a lush nite. It's often forgotten that partners share the 'CM experience' too smile.

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