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How to do a second interview?

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smeraldina Fri 30-Oct-09 11:43:06

Hello there....
I'm trying to find a nanny to look after my 4 month old for 4 hours a day while I work from home.

I've interviewed four people so far, and thought the last two were both excellent. I can't choose between them.

I'd like to invite both back for a second interview but am unsure as to how to do this without sounding slightly alientating. Eg - I don't want to say 'I'm trying to choose between two nannies' - as I imagine it might well make each nanny feel rather on trial and make things feel unnatural.

What do people recommend for a second interview - in terms of how to propose it, and how to conduct it. If I invited the nanny over for a few hours - would it work if we were to look after the baby together and then go for a coffee? Or should I sit back and leave the nanny to it? Should I pay the nanny for their time for the second interview?

Any advice on how to do this very gratefully received - am a new mother and new to hiring a nanny!

with many thanks


fridayschild Fri 30-Oct-09 13:19:45

I would just say you are asking them back for a second interview. There is no need to tell them whether or not they are the only candidate.

You want to see how they react with baby, so that will affect the timing. It's a good chance to follow up on any loose ends from the first interview - all those questions you forgot to ask! I also find a second opinion is very helpful. Can your DH/DP or a trusted friend watch the interview?

The other thing I find useful is to ask the same series of questions to all candidates, as you can then compare answers. Have you asked a question to test their first aid knowledge yet? There are lots of nannies here who will tell you the correct answer before the interview!

You will also need to find out names and telephone numbers for their referees, if you haven't done that yet, and ask when the nanny would be happy for her referee to be contacted.

Good luck!

argento Fri 30-Oct-09 15:24:16

Have you asked why they're looking for part time hours? If you find for one of them it's a stop gap before finding a full time job, while for the other the hours fit with an existing job, that might help you choose.

nannynick Sat 31-Oct-09 10:05:38

If both candidates have already spent time with your DD/DS and they both responded well... then a second interview may not tell you much more than you already know.

Go through all the answers to questions the candidates have provided. Look at logistics - who lives closest for example. Is one driving to you vs one coming by public transport? Make a list of the differences between the two candidates... then look at that list and see what factors are important to you.

Look at why they only want to work 4 hours a day... what would they be doing the rest of the day? Is working 4 hours a day a stop-gap as argento says, or is it to fit with existing work.

Look at salary expectation... did they understand that you would be offering them a Gross salary? Some nannies don't seem to understand taxation at all well.

No point in doing a second interview until you have some things that really need to be compared with the person present. If you have queries about something a candidate told you at interview, or you forgot to ask one of them a question you did ask the other - e-mail them, call them, to check their response.

nannyl Sat 31-Oct-09 16:35:18

i had 3 interviews before being offered and accepting my current job

MB got 150+ CVs
12 1st ints
4 2nd ints
2 3rd ints

and chose me grin (and i must add that I chose them too wink)

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