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CMs: Another Retainer Question...

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Snooch Thu 29-Oct-09 14:05:00

I have a mum who wants to place her child with me at the end of June 2010 - the place will become available in February and she seems happy to pay a retainer fee from then.

NCMA's (and a few other internet sources) advice is to charge full fee if they decide to use the place during the retainer period. So would I be correct in saying that if I'm charging her 50% fees, she would need to pay the other 50% if she wants to use me i.e. if she's technically paid £2.50 retainer per hour (50%) she would have to pay another £2.50 per hour? I initially thought that if she's say paying £100 a month, she would be entitled to £100 worth of childcare during that month, but am reading it differently now. Hope this makes sense...

It's up to you how you work it. If you are happy to do it that way then do it thatt way.

Snooch Thu 29-Oct-09 14:36:34

I know, just wondering what other CMs do....

Danthe4th Thu 29-Oct-09 16:57:21

Yes if she wanted to use you I would just make the time up to full fee, but I would also want a minimum notice to use the space, at least a full week otherwise you may end up with phone calls the night before.

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