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AIBU about overtime

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lobsters Wed 28-Oct-09 11:31:46

I could just use a quick sense check from some experiened nannies and employers. My nanny is contracted to work 8am-6pm Mon-Fri, however it was explained at interview and at the start of the job that I would try to work at home one day a week and if I did the hours would be 9-4. However that arrangement is not in the contract. Last week I was working at home, but sue to a docs appt I needed the nanny to work to 4.30. She is wanting to claim 30 mins overtime for this, but I'm not inclined to accept it as it's within the 8-6 hours.

Not sure if more background is needed, but just in case, my nanny has ended up doing overtime as DH has been travelling more than expected, it has averaged 2 hours per week, with 2 x 7 am starts. This is clearly counted as overtime and nanny can be paid or have time off, as she prefers. Also, as I'm feeling bad for the early mornings I'm asking her to do, next week she is going to work 10-2 on Monday, have Tuesday off and start at 10 on Wednesday, without it coming off her overtime she has built up or counting as leave.

basically what I'm asking is, is it ok to say if she is required to work longer than 9-4 on my working at home days, then it is not over time, so long as it's not beyond the 8-6 stated hours?

Hope that makes some kind of sense

lobsters Wed 28-Oct-09 11:53:41

I just wanted to add, I'm not erally quibbling about 30 mins, I'm happy to let that stand, I just want to establish a principle going forward. I know in my mind what it should be, I just want to check I am being reasonable

Ebb Wed 28-Oct-09 11:58:56

If her contracted hours are 8-6, then no I don't think she should claim over time. I think you sound very reasonable and I think you should gently remind her about her hours and that the 9-4 when you are at home is a bonus and you could make her do 8-6.

postal Wed 28-Oct-09 12:01:09

you had a verbal agreement that when you're at home she works 9 to 4 though. As a matter of goodwill I'd pay her this time but make it clear that next time she should consider it a bonus to come in later / leave earlier.

She may well have taken the job because you said one day a week she has shorter hours and even if you didn't put it in the contract do you want to be seen as sneaky or going back on your word?

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 28-Oct-09 12:18:18

your nanny is trying it on

her hours are 8-6 and you are kind to allow her to finish earlier if you work from home (as my boss's do)

so yes it is ok to say she may have to work longer but not more than 8-6 if you are at home

you are paying her for the over time early ams so dont feel bad or feel you have to give her extra time off if you dont want to

frakula Wed 28-Oct-09 13:45:04

She's contracted 8-6, she's paid 8-6 and she should be available 8-6. If it was outside that time then of course you should pay her but it's not.

I had a standing arrangement with a previous employer that, if possible, I could leave early once a fortnight but if I had to work that time then I wasn't paid overtime because the leaving early was a perk, not a regular thing IYSWIM.

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