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Summer nanny '10 - Northamptonshire area

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eallen Mon 26-Oct-09 15:06:13

I know it is extremely early to be thinking about childcare for the summer for 2010, but I thought it would be better to start earlier rather than later!

Although I may not be the most experienced person in the world, I am very loving and caring and passionate about working with children.
I am however 17 years old, so currently studying my A levels, and intend to study Early Childhood Studies at university in Sep '10.

I have had lots of child care experience and have been babysitting for one family in particular for nearly 3 years. I have had experience in child care settings such as, nursery schools, day nurseries, primary schools and I also volunteer at the local rainbows group.

I am currently learning to drive, with a test at the end of the year so am very certain that I will be passed with my own car by the summer. This will allow me to be able to travel without relying on lifts from parents and will be able to take day trips out with the children (to parks, farms e.c.t) if you so wish.

I will be available at any time during the summer holidays and happy to fit around your work.

luciemule Mon 26-Oct-09 18:57:54

what part of northants will you cover?

eallen Mon 26-Oct-09 21:05:02

Mainly east northants as that is the area I live in. But also in and around the kettering and wellingborough area.

It really depends on the individual location, but the above would be easiest for me, but id try to reach anyone in Northamptonshire.

Maybe worth asking some of the parents from rainbows whether they would be looking for summer holiday or other school holiday childcare as well.

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