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mistletoekisses Sun 25-Oct-09 12:01:51

Hi - am hoping to get some advice. Our first au pair joined us 4 weeks ago. We found her through an agency.

Now there are small things that have started to bother me and I plan to sit down and have a chat with her about them. Individually, they are all small things, but add them together and they are starting to irritate me. It doesnt help that I am 28 weeks pregnant, so am also concious that amongst all of this are pregnancy hormones wreaking havoc!

But the overriding feeling that I am really struggling with is having her in our house. I feel terrible saying such a thing; and unless she is working, then you hardly know she is here since we have really kitted her rooms out. But it is knowing that she is here which simply doesnt allow me to relax.

It was highlighted to me when she went away for a few days; and both DH and I had the most relaxing time we have had since she arrived.

For those of you who have had similar experiences, irrespective of the small stuff bugging me, am I going to be able to adjust with having her here? Or if the biggest bugbear is sharing our house, are we simply going to have to accept that it isnt working?

Please help!

mistletoekisses Sun 25-Oct-09 12:04:00

please ignore this one! forgot to add title...have put one up with a title aswell!

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