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new e.y.f.s. comming in next sept ..2010..anyone help

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missymoo2411 Thu 22-Oct-09 19:08:03

hi all my cm friend got inspected on wed and was told by the inspector that there will be new e.y.f.s. stuff comming in in september next year anyone know what it is as she wouldnt say ....

WailingGhoshe Thu 22-Oct-09 19:11:16

OMG they are not changing it again, most of us are just getting our head around the current EYFS!

CaptainUnderpants Thu 22-Oct-09 19:20:07

I dont think that they are changing it again , I think it is just that it will be complusory from 2010.

Arfa Thu 22-Oct-09 20:18:56

The inspector is probably talking in general terms. The EYFS is due to be reviewed in 2010, something that was announced well before it became law last year. On top of that, there is probably going to be a change of government or a seriously reduced majority for Labour.

If the Tories get in they have said they want to reduce bureaucracy everywhere and have said about the EYFS: "We have to trust our professionals not have these forms asking whether a child can tie its shoelaces, hold a rattle. Ludicrous. Really we've got to get rid of that kind of approach to education."

If the Lib Dems hold the balance of power they have also said they want to change the way the EYFS is implemented and enforced so whoever has the majority would not be able to rely on the Lib Dems to change things for the worst.

In any case, the country is seriously in debt and whichever party forms the government would not be able to afford to throw massive amounts of money at the EYFS like Labour did in the run up to September 2008.

pippin26 Thu 22-Oct-09 22:18:17

There is a review due on 2010 and I second what the previous poster has said!

Captainunderpants - the EYFS is already compulsory (from 2008!)

CaptainUnderpants Fri 23-Oct-09 19:58:50

Oh well there you go , knew something was happening in 2010 ! grin

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