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Can I have some cheering up please ?

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Summerfruit Thu 22-Oct-09 10:19:23

Hi ! I have posted in the past about dh not helping with houseshores etc and I must say it got better. My problem is that whatever we do, the house still look trashed..I'm a cm and the house is not always tidy, I'm trying to keep up with it all day and in the evening but the floor still look disgusting, the carpet full of playdough..etc..I have 2 dds, one is 2.4 and I must say she really make my life miserable, she is a typical toddler but a full time job. During the day, I have 2 other lovely little girls to look after but my dd is total bully to them, I mean it doesnt stop, she spend a long time on the naughty step.

EYFS : I understand it but I have no time to put it in practice hence putting my observation in writting, pictures, I'm really behind with all my admistration.

The days dont have enought hours, I'm really depressed by all of it.

Summerfruit Thu 22-Oct-09 10:26:45


PinkChick Thu 22-Oct-09 10:33:01

she hasnt adapted to the fact she is having to share you.
shes too young yet to understand that if you didnt do this job, you would have to work outside the home and someone else would be looking after her.
id suggest you speak to someone like a child care co ordinator on behaviour, to try and help you little girl come to terms with the fact she cant carry on this behaviour and this kind of attention is not really the type she wants/needs.
i have mindees this age and i know they would understand some of this, so worth a try..good luck..i know how hard it is, i feel guilty every day with dd having to share me, but she gets some lovely friends to play with into the bargain smile

Summerfruit Thu 22-Oct-09 10:35:41

Thanks Pinkchick ! I think you are right, I should speack to my childminding coordinator...
How are things for you ? I remember you ad the family from hell, did you recover all your money ?? I hope you did !x

PinkChick Thu 22-Oct-09 11:15:57

it is so hard to do thius job chick..the endless paperwork doesnt help in the slightest!...
would it help if you set a list of 'rules' so everyone can understand them??...for example (know it wont help now but..)*messy play only in kitchen (or another room where you have tiles/flooring)...* put away carefully any toys we have out before we get more out (teaching them to help tidy up/look after your equiptment) and so on....something that might help with your dd (6) LOVES to help out, she likes to think of us more of a childminding team ive had her a t-shirt printed up free from vista print (had to get a small adults from them tho?)..saying (business name) PinkChick's Childminding...little picture drawing of children on front and "Mummy's Number 1 Helper" underneath...i find with my dd she likes if i say i have a very important job for her (bring the snacks the breakfast room etc) she LOVES this...i hope you can find a way of making it better as i know how down it can make you.

No, nothing resolved with that family yet...needless to say they ignored my letter asking for payment and NCMA have ONLY JUST (after i rang them twice!) sent out the legal pack for me to fill in..i just hope they live up to their reputation as they own me almost £700 sad..they chose not to return, i would have worked the notice!...

anyway, all my families have been so supportive, ive got an old mindee back and another's birthday tomorrow, but she only here today, so got party for 6 to organise LOL...hope you get somewhere and some more advice.xsmile

Danthe4th Thu 22-Oct-09 11:43:10

I can sympathise as my yougest was that age when I first started minding and it was very hard, I have 4 children of my own and a small house and I have to be very organised with the toys etc. Best thing I did was to buy a big shed and get everything into boxes.
We generally get out to toddler groups every morning and do messy play there. The local childrens centre does the painting, sticking etc. and we have a really good toddler group.

If I do messy play/playdoh at home it is always done in the kitchen sat up to the table on boosters or around a small table. They are not allowed to walk over the house with it.
As soon as I took on more children during the day my own son did playgroup eventually doing 4 full days, it was the best he was happy and it meant I could work.

I would also drop the idea of a naughty step, its obviously not working, she may need time to think but you are labelling your little girl as naughty for wanting your attention.
Have a complete rethink in the activities you do, try to get out to more organised activities, less time at home means less mess.
Good luck x

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