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Thursday Staff Room.

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WailingGhoshe Thu 22-Oct-09 06:40:57

And what are we all up to today?

Katymac Thu 22-Oct-09 08:16:28


HSMM Thu 22-Oct-09 08:21:40

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

southernbelle77 Thu 22-Oct-09 10:02:04

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello! Have been on maternity leave for a couple of months now (cos of spd) so not been about but wanted to keep my nose in here!! Seeing midwife today and then consultant next week and hopefully baby will be coming next week too!
Not sure what I'm doing about going back to work yet. Wasn't going to but actually think it might work well if I do but just with one family! Still a little while to think about that though!

Why are you panicking Katy?

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