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how to stop this host family abusing aupairs? (long)

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catepilarr Wed 21-Oct-09 15:51:48

hello clever mumsnetters,
i have just sent this email to greataupair andaupair world where the family advertises to ask whether their can block their profile. Not sure whether they can/will. Is there anything else I could do to save future aupairs of this experience?

My friend had a very sad experience with her
first family where she came as a 17year-old. We now found out that she was not
the only one and that the family are still actively searching for young aupairs
to shoot sexy/porn photos or videos or perhaps have sex with them. My friend
is still devastated by the experience and would like to forget so asked whether
I could let you know.

Here is the story: She went to meet the family in London before she accepted the
job, therefore felt secure in her choice. The family even paid for her tickets.
Soon after arrival the family wanted her to shoot photos in underware and then
she got 'offers' from the father. When she was not going to play along she was
told the mother is terminally ill and that she needs to leave.
From reading posts in a Czech internet forum for aupairs ( we found another girl who worked in this family for a
couple of weeks this summer before she was sent home after not accepting 'the
offers'. And yet another girl was contacted by this family last week. the
scenario is the same again - choosing a very young inexperienced girl to start
with, pay them to come over to meet the family in advance to make the aupair
think everything is ok. and once they come they want them to take part in
shooting photos/videos in naughty underware for an agency that the mother is
supposed to run or/and have sex with the father. There must have been lots and
lots of girls experiencing the same, even the children commented they have had
"hundreds" of aupairs ( and that was back in2005).

We would like to do something to stop this family at least advertising at as
many places as possible. We dont think we can do any more as my friend is
scared they would find her and take revenge or something. So my question is,
are you able to disable the profile of this family ? Their profile locator is

Thanks for reading all this and we would be gratefull if you are able to block
their profile or suggest what action we should take.

Weegle Wed 21-Oct-09 15:57:29

How shocking! But to be honest I think you need to go to the police. There are children in this family yes? The chances of them being at the very least exposed to this, if not worse are fairly high I should think. And if there is a catalogue of au pairs who can give testimony to what is happening then there would be plenty of evidence.

Also - if these online sites do block the profile, the family will likely find that suspicious but it doesn't carry any 'clout'. I really think, regardless of your friend's reservations, you need to go to the police. For the sake of any future 17 year olds being preyed upon but also the children of the family.

Lovesdogsandcats Wed 21-Oct-09 16:02:06

Well if you have as much information as this why have you not reported them to the police! Even if no arrest made due to lack of evidence, a visit from the police might stop these pervs in their tracks!
You could also write to them as well, telling them you are onto them and they had better stop now.

catepilarr Wed 21-Oct-09 16:05:29

as to why i have not reported them to the police - i only now all the details from yesterday when it clicked to my friend about the other girls on the net. plus i am back in Prague and still digesting it all to be honest.

I would be reporting to police and social services as those children are being exposed to things they shouldnt be exposed too and are at risk and you have a duty to report this to the authorities how would you feel if another au-pair or those children came to any harm?

catepilarr Wed 21-Oct-09 19:16:33

awful. thats how i feel. fortunately it looks they just sent them home if they dont want to do what they want.
they are now blocked off gap and i will talk to one of my own ex-bosses who is a ex-police woman to see how we should go about this.
thanks ladies.

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