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Childcare South Manchester - Advice please

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redcat453 Mon 19-Oct-09 17:10:41

Hi there, I'm just starting to think about childcare for my baby for next year. I've been made redundant whilst I've been on ML so currently have no job to go back to. Im a Graphic Designer so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a part time job doing this. The alternative is to do freelance from home or go into agencies.

My question is - Because my weeks could vary - could be working all 5 days or just 2 days what is the best kind of childcare I should be looking for? Are there flexible carers out there?? I enquired at a local nursery and they said he'd have to go in set days - but I may have no work on some weeks and wouldn't want to put my baby in nursery when I could look after him.

If anyone could give me some advice that would be great

Thank you!

pippin26 Mon 19-Oct-09 18:07:22

Childminders can be extremely flexible - especially if you find the 'right one' Some minders offer ad hoc care, some will take a retainer for variable week patterns and so the days are there when you need them but most childminders will charge you some sort of holding fee if you sometimes want 5 days or just 2 days (for example)
Think I am explaining this badly!

have a look at

Your local council (FIS) will hold a list of all minders in your area

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