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Some Childminding Stats - Cancellations and Resigns 2003-2009

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nannynick Mon 19-Oct-09 16:51:57

Bottom of this page on Hansard, 12 Oct 2009 contains a table of childminder stats for Cancellations and Resigns.

Number of Registered Childminders at beginning of financial year: 69,925
Number of Cancallations: 2,857
Number of Resigns: 11,721

Number of Registered Childminders at beginning of financial year: 64,648
Number of Cancellations: 1,445
Number of Resigns: 10,345

For years previous, see the link above.

atworknotworking Mon 19-Oct-09 19:16:12

Interesting reading thanks can you clarify what the definitions on resigned / cancellations are and do they include lapsed registrations do you think?

nannynick Mon 19-Oct-09 22:31:57

Resigned is when a childminder hands back their certificate.
Cancellations are when Ofsted decides to de-register someone.
Cancellations could include lapsed registrations, though would expect Ofsted would send notification of intention (NOI) to Cancel... but if say someone has moved address without telling Ofsted then they may not get that letter. If someone got the NOI to Cancel it is better for them to Resign, as then they can be a childminder in the future... if Ofsted de-register someone I don't think they can re-register again.

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