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pls help! ive had first enquiry but need advice

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jackella21 Mon 19-Oct-09 11:48:38


I have had an enquiry (grin)

However, the lady is looking for a couple of hours in the morning basically a drop off to school and has asked how much i charge and would i accept £6 for 1hr and 30 mins. Its to start next year. I relly need some advice my hourly rate is 4 per hour and its my first enquiry but as its only for a couple of hours i dont know if i may get other enquiries for more hours. I would appreciate your advice. i dont want to lose out on a child but if i get more children and ive committed three mornings a week to one child im going to lose out. Please help im confused and i need to let her know if i have a space and how much i will charge. WHat would you do?


nannynick Mon 19-Oct-09 12:32:38

What age is the child? How far is the school? Would the school drop off time fit with local pre-school start times?

What about school holiday care, or ad-hoc days the school is closed - did they mention anything about needing that?

HSMM Mon 19-Oct-09 12:48:37

Also - how big is your car. Can you accommodate a school child on a school run and 3 under 5s? This way, the school child wouldn't stop you taking the smaller children (unless the times/places clashed).

jackella21 Mon 19-Oct-09 13:36:53

Hi I don't driveor own a Car i would have to walk. The school is ten minutes walk away. They didnt mention anything hols etc.

nannynick Mon 19-Oct-09 13:43:04

Full time under 4's tend to be most profitable in my view - they are also the most work often as well.

As you don't drive... is that the nearest school to you? If so then it may be the only school you can take/collect from.

I can't imagine that this child will make you much money... would try to get full timers first, then add on before/after school children later on - as you may get an enquiry for a full time under 4 plus older sibling at the local school - if taking on this child, if they are under 8 then it could restrict you in taking on the younger children.

I'd aim to fill 2 under 4 places first. They I feel will be your bread and butter income.

Danthe4th Mon 19-Oct-09 13:56:46

How old is the child and do you already do the school run, as if the child is over 8 it doesn't affect your numbers. Thats quite a long way off to commit to. If you are happy to do it its a start, and I love nannynicks suggestion of waiting to fill 2 full time places!!! Thats not always possible and you may be waiting forever. I don't do any full timers and don't want to, I find part timers fit great but you get what comes your way its taken me 1 year to get the amount of work I wanted.
You do what suits you,you may find that it fits in. Also with full timers I you would lose a huge chunk of income when they leave where as with part timers its not so noticeable.

jackella21 Mon 19-Oct-09 13:59:55

thanks for your advice! Its so easy to get over excited about your first enquiry and say yes to everything. im trying my hardest not to do that! but still exciting! (grin)

jackella21 Mon 19-Oct-09 14:36:06

the child is 3. I want partimers really because i have a little 1 year old of my own

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