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Registered Childminder/nanny share SE27 - March 2010

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shrimpsmum Sun 18-Oct-09 20:46:19

Hi there,

Experienced, registered childminder in the West Norwood/West Dulwich area required to look after our happy, easy-going baby son who will be one-year old when I return to work in March 2010. I know everyone thinks their child is lovely but ours really is a pleasure to be around and I am sad to be having to go back to work to leave him.

I am looking for two days (Tuesday and Thursday) a week - 5.30/6pm though very occasionally we may need some flexibility for later pick-ups.

Our son loves being out and about - parks, groups etc and this is something I am keen for him to keep up with a childminder.

I would like to start him the month before I return to work so if you have availability from Feb 2010 then please contact me at:

Thank you!

p.s: I would also be interested to hear from nanny sharers.

shrimpsmum Sun 18-Oct-09 20:50:01

Ekk - sorry. I have posted this in the wrong place. Have just seen the thread in large, purple writing for childcare. Sorry again. My only defense is I have flu and a teething baby so my brain is a bit fried.

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