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What to expect childminder to give DD

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EvaLongoria Fri 16-Oct-09 14:17:28

I finally managed to find childcare for my DD of 2. Childminder charges £3.50 which is the average in my area and thinking of putting that up to £4 in Dec.

She charges £1.50 for lunch and £2 for dinner and mentioned fishfingers for dinner on Monday.

Can anyone tell me what your fees are and if you normally include lunch and then extra for dinner please? Also what kind of food would expect for that price?

Mousey84 Fri 16-Oct-09 14:22:15

Im confused - she charges £3.50 an hour plus £3.50 for meals, or is the lunch included in the £3.50?

I have flat rate which includes lunch and snacks (or dinner if they are not there for lunch), and the parents provide the other meal for reheating, rather than I make it and charge for it.

Others may disagree, but £2 seems ok to me, but only if she is getting a dessert too - yoghurt or fruit etc.

4kidsandlovingit Fri 16-Oct-09 14:53:12

Generally I don`t provide meals unless requested to but normally charge £1.50 for both lunch and diner. My kids school dinners dont cost £2.00 and my dd1 is in yr 7.

Most kids I know don`t eat as much as my kids do and 1 extra child to feed wouldn`t normally cost £3.50 a day. It would probably cheaper for you to do packed lunches for your child and you know exactly what she is eating.

Does she have a healthy eating policy and any kind of menu to show you what meals she is providing?

sofewbraincellsleft Fri 16-Oct-09 15:29:45

Hi, I'm in London and charge £5ph, I included all meals and snacks in that fee but when I needed to increase my fees as had been the same for 5 years, I gave the parents the option of providing all of their own food and still pay same £5ph fees.

The fee structure you mention seems reasonable to me but I would want to see planned menus so that you can make an informed choice as to whether the food your childminder will provide meets with your requirements.

Remember childminders differ and it is ultimately up to them what they provide all beit they are required to have a healthy eating policy, that then brings you down to 'what you think is healthy'.

I used to make homemade things like ckn risotto/spinach, fish pie/veg, spag bol, ckn balls, falafel/humous & pots, tuna bake, ratatouille, fish cakes etc I also only offered fresh fruit as puds for after lunch and fromage frais for after dinner. I didn't consciously not provide fish fingers or sausages but I found it easier for me to cook thos types of thing I provided in advance.

What does she propose to service with fish fingers?

Although your post does not suggest this but you can't really tell your childminder what to provide; you can of course inform her what your dd likes to eat at home and what you provide. You can either provide your own food or look at another childminder who may meet with all of your reqirements.

Do have a chat with her though about asking her to show you a weekly example menu. Good luck.

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