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CMs: Do you provide meals for babies under 1 year?

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Snooch Thu 15-Oct-09 14:11:14

I don't normally for various reasons, mainly just because of the hassle of having to make seperate purees and the fact that as a parent I would probably want to be in complete control of what my baby was eating especially during the early weaning stages.

I have had a parent with an 8 month old come and see me today who looked a bit taken aback that I didn't offer meals to under ones (apart from snacks). She had also said (before I told her that I wouldn't be doing meals until the baby was at least 1 year old) that weaning wasn't going very well and that he was very fussy, wouldn't touch lumps etc, which proves my point really.

I feel a bit mean though as I have my own 6 and a half month old and am obviously doing purees for him at the moment which I'm sure she's aware of, so was thinking in that case, if the mum is really put out, I could offer to do the meals as I am making them anyway. However, my son is a fantastic eater and is happily taking meat, fish etc and I have already introduced mashed up and finger foods without a problem (I started weaning from 5 months because of severe reflux) so he's probably going to be on family food quite soon.

Anyway....I basically just want to know what you all do for babies and how does it work for you? Just wondering if I should review the meal situation entirely...

LisaD1 Thu 15-Oct-09 14:47:52


I CM for a little 10 month old and she eats exactly the same as all the other children, I just mash it up or make it finger food, she just fits in with everyone else and eats everything she's given.

I, personally, would offer to feed the 8 month old but would stress that I will cook one meal and they either eat it or don't, then mum should leave food in case it's needed as back up, although I've always found they eat a lot better with the others anyway.

Snooch Thu 15-Oct-09 15:08:45

But this is the thing Lisa, we'd probably be using the mum's back up food every day in that case as she has said that all he basically will eat is fruit puree and nothing else - she's apparently tried everything to get him to eat other things! It is a good idea though - that way at least I'm offering and baby will get fed one way or the other!

I've minded three children under one in the past (two from 7 months) and the parents were happy to provide food until the babies were eating a more varied, less pureed diet which was around 9/10 months, at which point I offered them meals. Only one accepted, the other two wanted to carry on providing meals (apart from breakfast), so I guess I was just under the impression that it was quite normal to not offer really young babies....I'd be interested to see though if there's anyone here who does cater for babies who have just started weaning? (i.e. doing purees etc)

Katymac Thu 15-Oct-09 15:19:19

Well I do but I don't do purees

HSMM Thu 15-Oct-09 15:32:15

I do. I puree it if I need to, but it is basically what the other children are having (obviously not things like peanuts, shell fish, etc). I just liaise with their parents about what they are and aren't doing at home. They are normally just happy to sit at the table with the other children and eat a variety of 'easy to swallow' food and some chewy or crunchy bits.

LisaD1 Thu 15-Oct-09 15:34:30

Tricky one really, do you think it's baby or mum that doesn't like anything other than puree?

I'm lucky in that the parents of my little mindee are very similar to me, in that there's a meal offered, take it or leave it!

Danthe4th Thu 15-Oct-09 15:42:26

I don't supply any food anymore other than snacks, it makes life so much simpler. Children bring a healthy packed lunch which in the summer we often take out for picnics. The after school children often bring their own snack but I will give them fruit or toast if they're starving but children all go home by 5.30 and we can now sit down for a family meal. It works really well and saves me spending ages in the kitchen. It doesn't seem to put any parents off, i've certainly never had any comments.

Snooch Thu 15-Oct-09 16:06:46

Lisa and HSMM, mum says she's tried everything to get him to eat other things so not sure - apparently if she gives him say a ricecake or bread stick he doesn't even try it - just looks at it and throws it away - wont take meat or plain veg in any form, even if pureed with apple or something.

Dan, I used to only provide snacks as well when I minded in London - the parents never questioned it either and were quite happy to provide. You're right, it does make life much simpler, but I've had to conform to the market really as I'd be the only one in my area to NOT provide meals if I didn't!! I just find that I really stress if a child doesn't want what's on offer - they end up having cheese on toast or something (and quite often it's the same children time and time again) and I feel bad about it, as if I'm not doing my job properly or something - I'm also of the "take it or leave it" mindset with my own children but cant exactly do that with the minded children, especially not babies!

Am starting to think that maybe yes, I will offer food, whatever I've done for my 6 month old, and then get the mum to pack a back up as Lisa suggested - I think he will probably eat the back up every time and the mum will just end up telling me not to bother anymore and end up providing all his food anyway. Actually, I think for me at the end of the day it's not really about the hassle of preparing the food, it's having the food continuously rejected and the stress of "now what do I give him?" all the time.

stomp Thu 15-Oct-09 20:37:46

I provide all food which is included in the fee but they must be 1 or fully weaned. I think Mums generally like to be in control of babies diet and I feel more comfortable too.

Snooch Fri 16-Oct-09 11:26:11

Thanks Stomp, so there is somebody else out there that does/feels the same as me! <relieved emoticon>

inveteratenamechanger Fri 16-Oct-09 11:40:40

My CM provides food, but not for under 1s. I think it's perfectly reasonable.

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