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Just saying hello

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whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:03:39

Hi, i have just joined mumsnet and have plucked up enough courage to write something! I am a mum and a childminder so thought i'd start here... i haven't got anything to say other than hello at the moment, (god, this sounds awfull...hope someone reads this...?!)

KatyMac Sat 11-Jun-05 22:04:39

Welcome Whirlygiggle - how many children do you have and how many do you mind?

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:06:11

Hi KatieMac..I have 2 girls aged 4 and 6 and look after 5 part timers

KatyMac Sat 11-Jun-05 22:09:22

I have a DD who is 7 (going on 14) and I mind 10 under 5's and up to 6 over 5's

I work with my DH and I also have two C/Mer helpers an assistant (all PT) and 3 helpers for holiday & sickness cover

It's very busy at my house

How long have you been minding - We've been at it 2 yrs

kcemum Sat 11-Jun-05 22:14:39

Hi whirlygiggle, welcome to mumsnet

I have 3 girls aged 10,7 and 4

I mind 4 parttimers, 3 of which are before/after schoolies and another starting in september.

How long have you been minding?

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:15:49

Wow!! I thought i was busy!!! It must be great working with other adults....That is what i least enjoy about my job, being on my own...obviously we do have a great social circle, but just to be able to bounce ideas off another adult without feeling like you are being unprofessional must be great! I have been doing this for almost 2 years now...

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:16:35

Hi kcemum!

KatyMac Sat 11-Jun-05 22:17:13

Have you thought about joining a network or mentoring a newer childminder - so you can talk to other c/mers etc

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:19:36

Not the mentoring, I don't feel confident enough to do that I don't think, and the childminders around here keep pretty much to themselves...

KatyMac Sat 11-Jun-05 22:22:48

Where are you is there a network - you could work to get on it and the co-ordinator would help you to get to know the others

Also we all talk on here as long as no names or identifiable information we can discuss problems and decide on courses of action etc

kcemum Sat 11-Jun-05 22:24:10

Do you mind me asking what area you live in?
Do you belong to a local group?
I know what you mean about some minders keeping to themselves although where I am they are pretty good and very friendly.

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:25:29

Well i am quite worried about that...can anyone find out who you are on this? What if one of the parents were members too? They could read all about your moans etc!!

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:28:52

There is a local 'co ordinator' I think that is her title..but the group is just run to take advantage of the group rate insurance as far as I can see...

kcemum Sat 11-Jun-05 22:29:21

Don't think that people would be able to find out who you are, and as katymac says we don't say anythingnames etc that would give your ientity away.

Feel free to ignore my questuion, I'm just being nosey!!

kcemum Sat 11-Jun-05 22:30:29

and I can't spell tonight!

KatyMac Sat 11-Jun-05 22:30:44

I was too at the beginning - butyou don't put up identifiable information - says she who just posted her website a few days ago.

But using your normal confidentiality you could discuss a child eg A aged 20 months id=s throing food - can anyone advise etc

It can be tricky but change a few bits and you'll be OK (if you only had one mindee it would be more difficult)

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:31:46

Sorry I sound so rude!!! I am just paranoid!!!

My local childminders group is run purely for insurance purposes, they don't actually meet and as far as I know there are only about 4 in it!!

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:33:19

I am getting confused!! cut and pasted the same thing x2!!

KatyMac Sat 11-Jun-05 22:33:59

Our Network (helped by NMCA's "children come first")
does 6 weekly nspection visits - a godsend,

organises training last week we have a disability one run by this fantastic motivational speaker (who happened to be blind),

does days out

has monthly meetings offering support and a toy & equipment library

I might remember other things that they do - later

KatyMac Sat 11-Jun-05 22:36:14

This is my network

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:38:28

Wow..that is fantastic!!! I feel like a glorifed baby sitter at the moment...rather than the professional childcarer I read about in the NCMA mags etc...some support like that would be great!!

KatyMac Sat 11-Jun-05 22:41:12

Whats you general area (city/town) I'll have a look for you

You are a proffessional - you may need more support or training but you are a valued and necessary part of the countries economy

Repeat after me "I am not a babysitter - I am a Professional Childcare Practitioner" TEN TIMES

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:42:15 that too broard?

kcemum Sat 11-Jun-05 22:43:32

AH snap, so am I!

whirlygiggle Sat 11-Jun-05 22:44:25

I am scared now!!!

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