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Thursday Staff Room, almost the weekend.

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WailingGhoshe Thu 15-Oct-09 06:33:49

Goodmorning Ladies and Nick.

I hosted a Pampered Chef party last night, oooohhhh I couldnn't do too many of their recipes, my goodness what size will I be!

Do find them terribly expensive tho.

WailingGhoshe Thu 15-Oct-09 08:15:56

Comes in and leaves the leftovers of the Waffle Berry Pie on the side with a big jug of cream.

MilkNoPoisonPlease Thu 15-Oct-09 08:29:18

Is the staff room just for childminders or are nannies invited

oooh what the hell is a waffle berry pie? sounds good!

what are we all doing today?

Katymac Thu 15-Oct-09 08:29:22


I won't be having any I'm afraid

I had a bizarre conversation with the DR yesterday apparently it's only 24hrs for adults but 48 for children........but I guess I will be off tomorrow as well as I think it's 48 for adults too

WailingGhoshe Thu 15-Oct-09 09:14:46

Milk it is for all childcarers, so you are very welcome grin

leeloo1 Thu 15-Oct-09 11:20:38

Morning all,

I'm soooo looking forward to pie -thanks WailingGhoshe- after eating all the cookies in the house yesterday!

I've had a rubbish morning - my own LO was up from 12-5 so I'm feeling uuuurgh! I had to tell a (lovely sounding) mum that I couldn't do the days she wanted and then I rang back another enquirer but she'd already found childcare... not my day?

Oh well, it can only get better? Right??


MilkNoPoisonPlease Thu 15-Oct-09 11:26:44


I feel very welcome

I'm onlt working this arvo and evening today so im taking youngest mindee (although apparently if yhour a nanny you dont have mindees-only childminders what the hell DO i have?!) whos 5 months of to baby bounce.

Leeloo-things can certainly only get beter!

leeloo1 Thu 15-Oct-09 11:43:49

Lol, thanks MNPP - at least today is my last day - whoop, whoop! grin And DH has the day off tmrw so we're going to take (bad, non-sleeping) LO to the science museum.

Babybounce sounds v cute btw!

thebody Thu 15-Oct-09 12:20:02

I enat that pie!!!! had a lovely wet walk in the woods looking at beautiful spiders webs, both littlies fell asleep as soon as got home, one while I was taking her boots off.

Both cuddles up with blankets on the sofa..

Nice cuppa, lovely..

MilkNoPoisonPlease Thu 15-Oct-09 12:36:19

Babybounce is great! as is baby massage where we went yesterday!

ooh im taking 3 mindees (9,7,5mnths) and their friends (9,8,4) in the half term to science museum!....oooh i must be madd!!...seriously 6 kids in half term looks v scary written down!

thebody Thu 15-Oct-09 12:50:21


PinkChick Thu 15-Oct-09 13:31:48

afternoon girls..that pie sounds delish!...

had a morning at park, into village for fruit and clled in for my mum too, Mindees call her nana too bless 8-)..she lives overlooking park so we see lots of her, the girls pick dandilions etc for her smile

just back in time for 3rd mindee to arrive, one asleep, one eating late lunch as she fell asleep while out and me and other mindee are doing some fab pictures of rainbows with lots of pencils held together at once..then sticking lots of sticks all over them LOL...very artisitc smile

2nd mindee has 'just' started saying please and thankyou! persistance has paid off smile mum and dad are over the moon when ever she asks for anyhting now " Pinkchick pees av more stickers"?.."Pinkchick thank ooh" smile..she melts my heart smile

another bit of good news...ol mindee who had to leave due to parents redundancy is coming back, for few months at min as parents job is temporary but hoping it will lead onto further things..mindee also has baby sister who family usually have but theyre hesitant now, so i may also get her when my ratios permit, but could be 2-3 days per week 8-)...lovely family and lovely girls, one od dd's best friends too so am very grin

have a fab day everyone!.x

thebody Thu 15-Oct-09 15:39:40

sounds great Pinkchick.. very pleased for you..x

thebody Thu 15-Oct-09 15:41:02

sounds great Pinkchick.. very pleased for you..x

StrictlyAvadaKedavraarrrrghhhh Thu 15-Oct-09 16:38:31

Afternoon all, been v busy today so not had a mo to check in.

Enquiries a gogo today! Although one was from someone who came to visit me a good while before and her child was a little demon, so I told a white lie and said I didn't have the space, I already have 2 "livewires" on the books and I really can't face having all 3 at once, my head would implode I think blush

Got a parent coming tomorrow afternoon to sign contracts, just for 5 hours a week for a 6yo but it fills a little space I have got so that's fine

PinkChick Fri 16-Oct-09 19:20:23

thanks TheBody smile...had another enquiry today too but just one afternoon per week, so said no as i have a full time space and will be resticted if i get someone wantin more hours...hopefully LOL

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