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CM club - trying to hold it together so the mindee doesn't think I've lost my mind (p'raps a manly pat?).....

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Fruitbatlings Wed 14-Oct-09 14:32:27

I'm so upset (thankfully mindee is asleep and I'm deep breathing to hold the tears), just had Ofsted lady round to talk about my two under ones variation request.

She said no. She will talk to her manager but still thinks it'll be a no sadsadsad

I take full responsibility for one thing - I stupidly haven't kept records for three years. I had a huge clear out as the paper work piles were getting ridiculous (and I live in a small flat), only kept this year (the fool that I am)

But the main thing she was stressing about is my stair case outside my house to get to my front door. There is a flight of 13 concrete steps leading up to my front door. I have a safety gate inside my front door so, when I'm loading the buggy (one child at a time) no one can fall down the stairs Ofted lady said "ah but that means there will always be one or two children left in the flat on their own" I know this is a fair point but it's perfectly do-able and no parents have any problem with it.
They are on their own for the few seconds it takes me to grab one child, close the gate, go downstairs, secure him/her in buggy and run back upstairs again. They are completely away from danger and I can see them the whole time. In fact, it takes me longer to go to the loo on my own than it does for me to load the buggy!

I said, if I could afford to I would live on the ground floor or I would install some kind of lift! It's not my fault I live up a flight of stairs (I didn't say that last sentence btw)

I've got so much experience with children, I know how capable I am.

I've got three sets of parents after my vacancy in Jan but their children are all under one. I desperately need to fill the vacancy and it would be so nice for my little boy (under one) to have a playmate of the same age.

She said, when DS turns one in March, then I'd be allowed. It's no good as the parents all need care from Jan.

I can't believe it, I was so sure they'd allow me. I didn't even think of the stairs being a problem as it never has been before sad
There's me thinking I'd have to choose which child to take on, now I can't have any.

I suppose it'll teach me to be so smug.

The parents and children are all so lovely, I wish I could choose one of them.

She said, they normally only allow two under ones for continuity of care eg, siblings.
I have a CM friend who was allowed which made me assume I would be too.

Sorry for the rant, It's helping a little.
Please be gentle - I know what some MNers can be like and I know it's a safety issue - I'm just feeling a little fragile sad

MatNanPlus Wed 14-Oct-09 14:46:05

<hug> but surely they will still need to be carried past the age of 1!! my mates little girl is 16m and only just starting to be able to cruise and is nowhere near stari climbing yet. So the OFSTED lady's reasoning is faulty.

looneytune Wed 14-Oct-09 14:49:46

Look, you CAN appeal this or complain and justify. I know a bit about this, long story but I've had to make an official complaint and it's very likely to be referred to the adjudication service - it's so down to opinion with them and their 'opinion' isn't always right. And yes, being 1 doesn't suddenly change things!!! hmm

hennipenni Wed 14-Oct-09 14:55:11

But looney, we all know that a magical something happens on a babies first birthday that changes them so we can manage 2 at the same timewink

looneytune Wed 14-Oct-09 17:40:50

PMSL!!!! grin

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