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CM CLub: anyone in Surrey using the SCC Learning Journeys?

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Numberfour Wed 14-Oct-09 13:28:47

and if so, can you tell me what that first section is called - the one where you fill in the personal details of the child rather than the section in portrait or landscape that notes the developmental milestones etc?

I need to order some of the first lot and I cannot remember what they are called and the Lovely Lady who I spoke to at SCC had NO idea what i was talking about hmm

CaptainUnderpants Thu 15-Oct-09 07:08:18

It has the headings ' All about me' ' All about my child ' 'Parent /carer information'

Just tell her its the parts that the parents fill in at the begining of the learning journey.


Numberfour Thu 15-Oct-09 11:01:57

thanks, captain! will have another go at it....

i have the disc somewhere but i don't want to use all my ink!!! i need 5 new packs.

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