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DS has been at childminder a month and settled in nicely now she is jacking it in!

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Dreamerofdreams Tue 13-Oct-09 22:34:01

Ds has been at my childminder for one month and has settled in very well, is happy and contented.

He has just turned one year old.

CM has just dropped the bombshell that she is giving up childminding. I have one months notice.

I feel dreadful for DS, who will have to go to another childminder. How will he cope, do you think that it will be really traumatic for him?

Or more traumatic for me having to find someone!

I am just dreading moving him!

Sob, sob, sob! sad

FromGirders Tue 13-Oct-09 22:36:24

DS will probably be fine, and your CM may well be able to recommend someone in your area whom she knows, and whom your DS may also know a bit if they meet up at CM groups or the same activities. Find a new CM as soon as poss, get your existing CM to help, so that you can do the max amount of settling / handover.

Dysgu Tue 13-Oct-09 22:52:04

I have been through something a bit similar recently. DD1 had been going to a fabulous CM since she was 7 months old - she is now 3.1yo.
In August, after our family holiday, CM told me she was closing. This was on the first day that DD2 was to start with her! I cried but still had to leave DD2 there.

CM was fabulous - helped us find someone new that DD1 already knew slightly.

DDs have now been with new CM for 3 weeks and love it there almost as much as with old CM! Actually, DD2 (aged 9.5 months) loves it equally) and DD1 loves it too but was/is best friends with youngest daughter of old CM - which just means playsdates here!

DS will be fine - and you will get used to the new system very quickly.

Good luck in finding a new CM.

sofewbraincellsleft Tue 13-Oct-09 23:24:05

Last year, I decided to reduce the days that I worked, sadly one of my mindees couldn't reduce their days with me as needed 5 full days childcare.

I was able to recommend a childminder friend and actively played a part in taking mindee to childminders house once / twice a week to get mindee used to the different setting.

Perhaps your childminder could recommend a childminder friend.

Mindee by the way, settled really well and quickly too smile

Good luck smile

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