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Present ideas......

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TheSunWillComeOut2mrw Sat 10-Oct-09 23:20:11

Hi everyone, just found this good site and thought Id share it with you all as often see people asking what to get nanny/childminders etc its called cafe press and you can get personalised gifts with names on it but also if you type in nanny then some really cute things come up. Have a look anyways!!

Mummy369 Sun 11-Oct-09 00:05:18

Am interested, but where's the link? hmm

nannynick Sun 11-Oct-09 10:37:35
Personally I don't like any of the designs I have seen so far on the site - looked at first two pages of designs.

Cost of shipping could be a killer...
"Items shipped to UK via economy shipping may incur customs duties (If the value is over £7) and import VAT - Value Added Tax (If the value is over £18). Please note that additional charges for customs clearance may be collected (i.e. by Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide) and are the responsibility of the recipient.
For Standard and Express shipping, duties and VAT are included in your checkout price" Standard starts from $20, Express from $55.

I would suggest that if anyone is looking at getting customised gifts for someone in the UK, then use either a UK or European based supplier. For example TshirtStudio based in Scotland.

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