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Nanny advice please

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EvaLongoria Sat 10-Oct-09 13:17:17


I just started college and after a long and hard think I ended up employing a nanny who told me she was pregnant but just wanted a short contract.
She would make all her appointments on her other days off as I only need her on Mondays and Thursdays.

She started on the Thursday as its a shorter day and she was lovely with my daughter and my daughter kinda liked her immediately. She will be 2 soon.

The Mondays are quite long days and again she did everything that I asked and my husband took over the care the evening.

The wednesday afternoon I received a message from her saying she hurt her back and that she cant have care for my daughter the Thursday and because I have no family nearby and a friend that helped me out had an interview that day I ended up not going to college.

I just called her now to ask whether she will be able to care for her on Monday and she said yes she is a bit better but Thursday would be a problem. As she has a growth scan and cant change it as it would take 6 weeks for a new scan.

I am now having to take that day off again and really struggling to find someone else. can anyone tell me where i stand legally to rather let her go as I feel that I now need to quit college because I am always going to have problem and trying my best to find someone else but because of the hours needed no one can help either cant do the Monday or cant do the Thursday.

Please I am desperate.
Oh and I am still waiting for her references as well she had a settling session with my daughter and was suppose to give me the details. I havent given her a contract as yet was busy doing that but now finding myself looking for childcare again

argento Sat 10-Oct-09 14:02:03

If there's no contract then I think you can just give her a week's notice.

If you employ another nanny be a bit more professional about it - check references before you offer the job, and have a proper contract with a settling in/probationary period in it.

snickersnack Sat 10-Oct-09 14:34:11

Well, without a contract, and given the very short space of time she's been with you, I think you can just ask her leave - most contracts say something like a week's notice during a probationary period.

As argento said, don't take anyone on without checking references and getting the contract sorted - it really does make life easier.

cocobaby88 Sat 10-Oct-09 18:17:36

eva longoria, are mondays and thursdays fixed?

EvaLongoria Sat 10-Oct-09 18:22:21


Thanks for the replies,

yes I know that the contract should be in place or at least a probationary one. I also read somewhere that as long as you give it in the first 2 weeks or something. But yes definitely checking everything first next time.

Cocobaby88 yes Mondays & Thursdays are fixed and anything else will be flexible until I have a job. Mondays and Thursdays are college so fixed for the next 2 years. And must have a job on the other days and then all will be fixed.

llaregguBOO Sat 10-Oct-09 18:29:41

In your final paragraph you say that you are still waiting for references? If this is the case then I would strongly urge you to never leave your child with someone until they have been thoroughly checked out.

MrsHappy Sat 10-Oct-09 18:32:57

Just let her go.
She would be entitled to a week's notice if she had worked for you for a month, but since she hasn't you can just tell her you don't need her.

Information from Businessslink here.

Is there a nursery at your college which could take your daughter?

EvaLongoria Sun 11-Oct-09 18:27:28

Yes there is a nursery at the college and they had space for her as well but unfortunately because its a foundation degree the hours are 1pm to 8pm.

The nursery opens close at 5:15pm and its 45 mins drive from home.

As a childminder that offered flexible hours I just didnt realise that none of the other 35 childminders offered flexible hours meaning no one is willing to have her one day a week until 7pm or 7:30pm for the latest. They all finish at 6pm.

FABIsInTraining Sun 11-Oct-09 18:31:35

Let her go, pay her a weeks money to head off any potential hassle from the nanny.

Next time, don't be in such a rush and get references checked and verified before leaving your child with someone, get the contract signed on day one at the latest, and put something in the contract about if the nanny gives you notice. Normally a months trial with 1 weeks notice and then after that, 3 months notice.

EvaLongoria Mon 12-Oct-09 13:11:55

Will definitely do that should I ever find a nanny.

Nanny text me last night to say she cant look after my DD today and that means twice she done that now and she already cant be here on Tuesday and therefore I am just not going to reply to her text and refuse to pay her.

Because her excuses are just excuses if there is more she should be open with me and not make up something and then tell me the night before I need her.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 12-Oct-09 13:18:18

reply to her text and say that you will be giving her a weeks notice from today

agree with fab and llaregguBOO that you should NEVER employ someone to look after your child till you have checked references!!

if the course is 1-8 then surely you need childcare till probably 8.30pm by the time you pick up?

if you cant find 1 nanny/cm then maybe you are going to have to find 2 people

frakula Mon 12-Oct-09 14:04:24

I agree, you need to give her notice. What are you going to do for replacement childcare?

EvaLongoria Mon 12-Oct-09 14:40:46

I know and I realised and therefore making sure that I dont make the same mistakes again.

my course is 1-8 on mondays but DH can take over from 7:30 onwards on a Monday.

I was thinking of then using a childminder for during the day and then get a babysitter or someone to collect and have her until hubby takes over but no childminder has the 2 days free as it seem like Mondays are the days that most parents work.

frakula Thats why i am on mumsnet cos I ended up not going in today and spoke to my tutor who is trying to help as well. Been on the phone whole morning calling up childminders and nannies.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 12-Oct-09 18:39:54

have you tried putting an ad on netmums?

lots of nannies on there and maybe someone can help?

Doozle Mon 12-Oct-09 18:55:21

Jsut want to raise this ... is there a possible problem here - that you are partly letting her go because of a pregnancy-related absence (the scan)? I mean, if she decides not accept you getting rid of her.

I'm really not sure when the legislation kicks in on these things. It might be idea to run your thread past Flowerybeanbag who helps out a lot in the employment issues section.

EvaLongoria Mon 12-Oct-09 20:18:27

Hi doozle

When I interviewed her she was very nice and very honest telling me she is 15 weeks pregnant. I also interviewed a mom with a 18 month old and thought that because my DD have swimming lessons once a week that the mom would not be able to do it.

The nanny that I took mentioned that she loved swimming that she speaks fluent Italian (would love DD to learn Italian due to dads family being italian) and lots of things that really appealled to me and the last thing she mentioned was the pregnancy.

I was again honest with her and explained my situation and said that I would love to offer her the job but just worried when it comes to maternity leave me having to pay and pay a new one. She explained to me that she wanted to register as a childminder and by the time baby comes she will work from home.

Her baby is due end of March and she said if we have a short term contract to give me time to find someone else and her time to earn some money then she is willing to sign a contract until January way before maternity leave and it would then just be a temp contract.

On Wednesday she text me saying that she hurt her back and thinks its a slipped disk and doc put her off. Fine

Friday I tried getting in touch and couldnt. On Saturday i called asking her how she was and she said she was much better and can work on Monday but not on Thursday as she has a growth scan. Again fine but I asked if she cant have it on the other days as she is at home, and she replied that she will have to wait 6 weeks for scan (sorry but that sounded like loads of bull)but fine again.

Sunday after me asking for the 10th time her references which she "emailed" and I never got I received a text saying that she thinks the contract is going to work out. She has lots of medical appointments coming up and they all fall on the days that I need( which is only 2 days a week) and she could not predict.

So it had nothing to do with her being pregnant as I and my DD warmed to her immediately and settled so quickly

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 12-Oct-09 20:43:41

she obv isnt reliable

yes nannys get ill/pregant/slipped discs etc

but you do need someone reliable

what area are you in?

maybe someone on here can help?

xoxcherylxox Tue 13-Oct-09 10:30:42

would she not consider taking your child with her to appoitments so to save her taking time off. im a childminder and when i was pregnant i use to watch to 2 we boys and took them with me so that i didnt have to take the day off for an appointment that only last say and hour

FABIsInTraining Tue 13-Oct-09 13:22:25

"Sunday after me asking for the 10th time her references which she "emailed" and I never got I received a text saying that she thinks the contract is going to work out. She has lots of medical appointments coming up and they all fall on the days that I need( which is only 2 days a week) and she could not predict."

Do you mean she thinks the contract isn't going to work out?

You need to phone her and give her notice, putting it in the post as well, it is silly to ignore her texts.

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