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CM's, can someone give me an idea of prices?

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JackBauer Wed 07-Oct-09 19:38:39

I am wanting to call some childminders to check prices but have lost my voice and sound like Joe Pasquale so am hesitant to call at the momentgrin
Could anyone (not in london) give me a rough idea of prices for a 2yo and 3.8yo siblings, with a morning nursery pick up?
thanks muchly, (Am in south wales, on the off chance<<hopeful>>)

moshie Thu 08-Oct-09 17:16:21

Depending where you are exactly you'd be looking at between 3.50 to 4 pounds an hour each ( pound sign gone AWOL ).
Depending on whether you need your 3 year old taking to nursery as well as picking up, you might get charged a full day because you are using a full day's under 5 space.

sweethoney Thu 08-Oct-09 17:27:37

If you're going to be paying 3.50 to 4 for both children, I would consider getting a nanny instead who comes to your home and cares for them within their own environment. Your youngest would have one to one attention whilst your eldest is at nursery too. Definitely worth considering.

dmo Thu 08-Oct-09 17:31:00

depends on where you live (might be lucky to get a cm with 2 places) north west is bout £3.20 per hr each child

thebody Thu 08-Oct-09 18:27:02

Am in Worcestershire/Birmingham border and charge £3.oo ph including all food and drinks.
I would expect to be paid in full for the time child at nursery as in loco parentis and would charge standard 40p a mile petrol.

Hope that helps..

JackBauWooohooohoowaaer Thu 08-Oct-09 19:31:59

Thanks. That is not helpful as it works out about the same as the nursery I am looking at, so I still have to think...
I wouldn't want a nanny as it wouldnt be full time, plus they are few and far between where I am.

Seriously though, thanks, if price isn't a factor I know I would prefer a CM so that is oen less thing to take out of comparison for DH IYSWIM.

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