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Advice needed on a mindee attacking the other children!!!

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Beck88 Wed 07-Oct-09 09:51:35

I am a childminder and mind a 2year old girl.
I have had her since she was 9 months old and no problems.
Until yesterday! I have her 2 days a week and yesterday she had the other 2 children I have in tears several times and they both went home with marks where she had scratched them!
Each time I sat her on the thinking step and got her to say sorry. It didn't seem to make a blind bit of diffrence, this morning she has been here 5 mins and already pulled another childs hair and made him cry.
I am not sure what to do! she will just be spending the whole day on the step.
It's really out of character.

lisa1968 Wed 07-Oct-09 10:25:34

Hi,as a fellow childminder,I know how you feel!! If this behaviour has come on suddenly and is totally out of character, then maybe there has been a significant change in her life that she is not happy about-it could be anything from something seemingly trivial to us i.e potty training or moving out of a cot to a be, or something major like a death in the family, new baby, house move etc.Ask the parents if anything like this has happened and if shes acting like it at home.Otherwise, it could just be the terrible two's and she's just pushing the boundarys!!Don't forget to ignore minor insidences of bad behaviour and praise good behaviour-stickers can help.Good luck!!

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