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After school clubs and mindees

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llllll Tue 06-Oct-09 21:03:14

I have an after-school mindee who now goes to a few after-school clubs do you think I should still charge the mum as sometimes these clubs get cancelled at the last minute and I have to pick mindee up. The mum hasn't mentioned anything to me and i know she will think she doesn't have to pay.

HSMM Tue 06-Oct-09 21:21:33

Depends how your contract is worded. I charge mine for my availability, whether I have the children, or not. If she wants you to do odd days without being contracted for them, then personally, I would sometimes 'not be available'.

TheFallenMadonna Tue 06-Oct-09 21:25:41

I pay for my DC's after school club when they have activities. It keeps their place.

elliepac Tue 06-Oct-09 21:27:58

DS goes to a childminderbefore and after school. At the moment he goes to grandma's one night, football club another and choir another. I still pay my childminder in case they are cancelled etc. as it leaves his place open.

llllll Tue 06-Oct-09 21:32:02

He was one of my first mindees and the contract is so out of date. I want to change a few things and I know the mum wont be happy with the changes, she seems to think if I dont pick mindee up she shouldnt pay but the way I see it I am still available.

atworknotworking Wed 07-Oct-09 07:15:41

I look at it as taking up the place, quite often a/s clubs just run for a few weeks of the term, so they still need the place after them or if cancelled plus some mindees I have still need collecting after the extra club so it meens two pick ups from the school instead of one IYSWIM. Therefore I charge full fee from normal school closing time as I would be unable to take another mindee in their place.

If the parent feels that they don't want them to come on a specific day as after club someone else is able to look after for a while I change the contract (did 3 last term for one mindee) this keeps everything right and everyone knows exactly whats what. It also meens I can fill that place if someone else needs care.

WailingGhoshe Wed 07-Oct-09 07:27:35

I had a mindee from she was 18 months till now (she is 8, untill last term she was at a local school) Mum paid for every afternoon, a minimum of 2 hours weather she was at clubs or not.

Think you should do a contract review as your contract is out of date. Is it still valid at all? If not are you insured to have this child?

I do a contract review every September, for all children, (even if they only started in the August), means that they all get done at the same time and none get missed.

I just issue all Parents a form, asking for updated contact details, hours contracted, charges.

it is dated and signed by all Parties, stating it is an ammandment to the origional contract and attached to it.

llllll Wed 07-Oct-09 12:22:02

Thanks for advice the contract is nearly a year old so is up for review. I will text mum today to say we need to have a chat about new contract.

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