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Costs involved with employing a nanny

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SillyMillysMummy Mon 05-Oct-09 17:42:26

i am sure this has been done before, but what costs are involved with empolying a nanny? also, is there any site that i can look at to determine the kind of wage for our area?

heaintheavy Mon 05-Oct-09 17:57:34

I spent ages working out costs for employing a nanny.
Some time ago, but I got the following:
car insurance (call the company and get them to quote for an imaginary example)
nannytax or similar payroll subscription
agency fees (avoided these)
ofsted (or whatever it is now) reg fees
Christmas pressie / bonus / b/d pressie
lunch food for her/him
contrib to mobile phone costs

then there are costs which are exrta over nursery but you would be paying for as SAHM:
daytime heating
children's food
children's outings / clubs / petrol

our nanny was frugal (picnics, free outings), but I've met others who are a bit extravagent (lots of cafe lunches etc).

I came to something in the region of £1000 (expensive car insurance) a few yrs ago.

She has been a huge blessing in our family.

nannynick Mon 05-Oct-09 18:22:59 JobSearch will display jobs matching a limited search criteria, so you could search for all live-out nanny jobs in your county for example. Not all adverts will show salary details, some ads will show Gross some will show Net.
Generally, if outside of London budget for nannies salary to be around £100 per day gross. A very experienced nanny will cost more, a nanny with little experience may accept less.

If nanny uses their own car then mileage paid at 40p per mile for first 10,000 miles a year. Mileage can add up quickly. Try recording what mileage you do for a week to see what sort of cost could be involved.
If you provide nanny with a car, then there are lots of costs associated with that (insurance can be a killer cost).

nannynick Mon 05-Oct-09 18:27:27

SillyMillysMummy - Is childminding not going well then - think I've seen you posting in CM Club in the past.

SillyMillysMummy Mon 05-Oct-09 22:47:43

Lol nn, it's going fine, one of my mindees mums is looking into a nanny/nanny share and I wanted to be able to give a little advice, have searched live out nannys for our county and there are very little, a couple on but seem quite young and inexperienced. Thanks for advice

nannynick Mon 05-Oct-09 23:17:54

I was getting worried there... thought you may be jacking in the childminding and getting a dull boring office job grin

I think you are North East somewhere Leeds direction. Not sure what demand for nannies there is in that area, not that surprised that you are not finding many jobs being listed. Maybe look at other locations with major cities - York, Manchester see if that helps give some idea of costs in Northern England.

SillyMillysMummy Tue 06-Oct-09 17:07:12

jacking in.....and giving up all this.... grin it has never even crossed my mind wink

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