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Am taking over a playgroup-is this all above board?

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HowlingCow Sun 04-Oct-09 17:48:52

I've been going to a parent/toddler group for about 5 years as have 3 DD's. It also has playgroup sessions 2 mornings a week where 2's and over are left without parents for a fee. This playgroup is unregistered, has charity status and is known by the local playgroup assoc. The qualified childminder there is leaving so I have offered to step in as I have a teaching degree, the PPA said we didnt need to advertise as we're unregistered. There is a salary with this job paid by a committee. I must admit though with all the stories about people childminding eachothers children (the policewomen) getting into trouble, I'm beginning to worry whether what I'm going to be doing is strictly above board. The PPA have cut their staff numbers so its not that easy to get hold of the right people for advice. Has anyone out there read this and thought "What? You cant do that!" If so please let me know! Am in Wales incase that makes a difference!

xoxcherylxox Sun 04-Oct-09 18:08:39

im on the committee at a mother and toddler group and help run it anyone can do it we dont get paid for it it is a charity self run group. my daughter attends a playgroup there are 3 committee members of which only 2 actually run and care for the children and each day a different parent has to take there turn at helping out.i am unsure as to whether they are registered or not never thought of that. but i am aware that for a creche as long as it is no longer than 2 hrs it doesnt have to be registered even if it only stops for 10 mins and starts again thats a fresh 2 hrs so dont no if they same with playgroup. how long is the session.
i doubt that a playgroup will in anyway be connected to anything to do with the childminding thing going on that is complety different

thebody Sun 04-Oct-09 18:20:58

but surely you have to be registered with ofsted dont you?

HowlingCow Sun 04-Oct-09 18:21:11

Session runs for 2 hours-I'm just a bit paranoid because things seem to change all the time-who would have thought 2 women helping eachother out could get into so much trouble?

HowlingCow Sun 04-Oct-09 18:23:11

No apparently not although a woman at the playgroup assoc. said that before long all playgroups will have to be registered though this may just be in Wales.

thebody Sun 04-Oct-09 18:31:34

oh wont be long then till Ofsted interfere here as well then..

Tambajam Sun 04-Oct-09 18:40:34

My understanding that if the session is 2 hours you must be OFSTED registered. More here: istration-not-required

HowlingCow Sun 04-Oct-09 18:49:00

Women in communities trying to help eachother out as they have done for hundreds and hundreds of years in some form or another. I know there has to be regulation for the security and wellbeing of our children but as with everything-they take it too far (thinking of those policewomen again!!).

nannynick Sun 04-Oct-09 18:55:50

There are differences between a Creche and a Playgroup. For example, with a Creche the parents are still on-site (such as in the swimming pool, spa).

Being in Wales makes a big difference as the laws there are different to England.

Wales uses a different set of regulations to England. I think it's based on Part 10A of the Children Act 1989. CSSIW Regulations for Children Under 8

Sessional Care Standards (Wales)

I can't find where it says what types of provision have to register and which ones do not. So I would suggest that you contact CSSIW and ask them to confirm that your setting is exempt from registration.

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