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Creche at the gym - any experiences?

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Blondeinlondon Wed 08-Jun-05 23:06:57

Not sure if I am posting under the correct topic or not

Does anyone use the creche at their gym? Any good? It seems that if I go twice a week the creche fees will effectively double the cost of the membership. However I don't see any other option to shifting the pounds

What should I be looking for in the creche?

Aero Wed 08-Jun-05 23:20:07

I use the creche at my gym ds2 loves it. What to look for is friendly nursery nurses who love their jobs and want to be there with a warm welcome for you little one. Also that there is plenty to keep them occupied while you exercise and that it is clean, organised and well run.
It costs me £2 per session (if I pay for five sessions up front) and I consider it well worth it. I have the off peak membership which costs £26 per month at Fitness First. It works out around the same as the full membership if I add in the creche fees and maybe even a bit more, but I prefer to go during the day and I know the creche sessions are good for ds2 and that he thoroughly enjoys them.

fruitful Thu 09-Jun-05 16:33:58

I use the creche at the swimming pool. Dd went from 3mo (she is now 3yo) and Ds has just been once (he is 3mo). The staff are really interested in the children and argue over who gets to cuddle the babies. Its clean, they have nice toys, they pay attention to what I tell them about the children (eg dd is tired today or ds likes to be held upright). And dd likes going. Its £4 for a 2hr session, plus £1.75 for the second child. Then you have to pay for the swimming so it adds up - I only go during the holidays when dd isn't at nursery and I need a morning off!

Pinotmum Thu 09-Jun-05 16:56:38

I have used several gym creches for my dd and dds. They have gone from 5 months and have always seemed to enjoy themselves. I think the best one I used was an Esporta Gym but the current one I use is fine. My dd is 4.6 yo so won't be able to go much longer and they stop taking them at 5 yo.

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