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Childminders Club: Shall I wait before registering?

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peckarollover Wed 08-Jun-05 17:38:32

I had a fire outside my house 2 weeks ago when my car was set alight.

It burnt the entire double gates, fence and singe gates in front of my house and looks a total mess.

Shall I wait until insurance company replace fence before registering.

Dont want ofsted to think house is unsavoury or unsuitable!

Xena Wed 08-Jun-05 17:47:53

They can't discrimantated against you

HellyBelly Wed 08-Jun-05 17:48:38

To be honest, Osfted are pretty good with the inspection side of things and as long as you explain and tell them exactly what you will do to fix it, they should be fine. It takes about 3 months to get registered (they have a 12 week process to follow) so I wouldn't delay because of this - IMO anyway!

Good luck with it all - I became registered 2 weeks ago and got my first child today - starts 4th July - can't wait!

Xena Wed 08-Jun-05 17:50:06

Well done hellybelly.

peckarollover Wed 08-Jun-05 17:52:17


Well done on your first charge HellyBelly

HellyBelly Wed 08-Jun-05 17:58:22

Thanks guys, I'm so glad I put my website together before being registered - made a big difference and with enquiries within first 24 hours of advertising! (actually, that was through advertising on here! )

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