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CM's: help with paperwork please

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BrieVanDerKamp Thu 01-Oct-09 15:10:30

I am really bad with the whole paperwork thing, I am organised when it comes to policies, attendance reg etc etc. But I am just about to have a whole new intake of children and I really haven't got much of an idea where to start with the whole eyfs thing!!

The learning journey's: do they have to be filled out in those packs you get or can you do your own thing (I think I saw online somewhere that there's an easier way to do it all)

Also this may seem really bad, but is the learning journey stuff all there is to do with regards to the eyfs??

Like I say I am getting new kids in soon, work has been really slow for a while and kids were in and out of my care for ages before I really had time to get any paperwork started on any of them.

I really feel now that the new children will be with me for a while and I would really like to be totally up to date with everything now and not let things slip.

I've got about 6 weeks before they all start.

Many thanks

Katymac Thu 01-Oct-09 15:29:53

If you want I can send you what I do- but it isn't learning stories it's observations & planning

I also have some (fairly nice) risk assessments & a (rather lovely) reflective practise log

BrieVanDerKamp Thu 01-Oct-09 15:57:16

that would be great, and is that all the new bits that we now have to do for the eyfs??

Katymac Thu 01-Oct-09 16:17:41

mostly - I also have a daily sheet for fridge temp & probing food - but most people don't do that

Katymac Thu 01-Oct-09 16:18:12

If you email me - I'll send it later

Danthe4th Thu 01-Oct-09 23:37:15

I like the idea of the reflective practise log, I think I need to pinch that idea, Katymac if you don't mind.

Brie if I was you I would try to get on some training, failing that make sure you use the eyfs cdrom that came with the eyfs pack that contains lots of info but to make it easier I recommend a book called =1254436509&sr=8-1 and also have a look on the ncma website and the bromley childminders website which has loads of free downloads

Katymac Fri 02-Oct-09 07:27:24

No problem - it really work for me

LisaD1 Fri 02-Oct-09 08:28:04

Hi Katymac,

Please could you email me copies of your paperwork? Sorry for being cheeky, hope you don't mind me asking...

Thank you so much smile

Katymac Sun 04-Oct-09 17:03:34


email me (website on profile) with what you want & I will send it when I have time

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