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New Year's Eve Babysitting

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yanny Wed 30-Sep-09 20:18:07

I have been asked to babysit New Year's Eve. Total number of children will be 6 and time from 12.30am to 6am so all should be sleeping and stay sleeping hmm

The fee will be split between 4 familes and they want me to give them a flat fee so they can split it between them. In turn this fee will be split between me and a nanny friend who will help me out on the night. Usual babysitting fee is £6.50 p/h and I live in Scotland. Have never babysat for more than 1 family at a time so unsure how/what to charge.

Any ideas welcome!

ssd Wed 30-Sep-09 20:27:37

ask nannynick!

Danthe4th Wed 30-Sep-09 21:59:19

£20 per hour as its new years eve and thats each

yanny Wed 30-Sep-09 23:13:32

Thanks for the replies.

Is that 20p/h each child or each nanny? Parents would be happy if only I was babysitting but as I'm not sure about ratios when babysitting (max I've looked after is 2) I asked a friend to help out and willing to split the cost.

Reading your post again I assume you meant each nanny blush


nannynick Thu 01-Oct-09 06:58:11

12.30am? Starting at OMG O'clock. What about the hours before 12.30am - are you invited to their party? What makes you think they will be asleep... if you are not starting until that time, does that mean some/all the children will be staying up to see the New Year in?

No max ratios when babysitting, though insurance policies do place a limit - Morton Michel nanny policy permits a nanny to care for 6 children.

Do you know these children, or their parents? Help protect yourself by meeting these parents and children before the event - as on New Years Eve the adults may be pretty sloshed!

Agree with DanThe4th, £20 an hour sounds reasonable. Call it £120 say. But do consider what happens prior to 12.30am... if you are at their party beforehand, then are you a guest or working? If not at their party, is getting to their home at that time of the night practical?

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 01-Oct-09 15:07:42

i charge £10ph and would charge double that for nye (and yes I do get asked to work for £20ph)

nye should be double normal rate

you are there for 6hrs (tho times puzzle me) and there are 2 of you

so i would have thought £15 per hour each so £30 in all, times 6 = £180 divided between 4 familys so £45 per family

very unsocial hours in my opinion would rather do an 8pm til 2am than those hrs and would charge a min of £200 for that time and then thats £50 per family so not an awful amount really for NYE babysit.

I charge double and a half for new years eve and normally charge £10 an hr so would charge £25 an hr.

Danthe4th Thu 01-Oct-09 21:16:21

Yes I do mean £20 per hour each so £120 each minimum. I would not sit 6 children on my own on new years eve. £60 per family is nothing for new years eve.

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