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Childminder/Nanny wanted in kenilworth?

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SevernTrentWater Wed 30-Sep-09 12:33:58

Unlikely to find one i know, but i thought i'd post for the heck of it. I'm looking for a nanny or childminder who is ofsted registered, has an uptodate crb check, to look after my almost 3 month old asap, as i need to go back to studies in a couple of weeks and i've had no luck. I was going to put her in a nursery but as the time gets nearer i feel increasingly guilty about it.

I need someone who loves cuddling little babies. She's really relaxed and easy going, doesn't cry much, but she does like to be hugged a lot and talked to. Obivously it's fine if you're looking after other children too, she likes having other people around, i just want to know she's also getting one on one care!

Thanks! message me

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