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Question for Childminders please

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Stigaloid Wed 30-Sep-09 11:05:19


I use a really lovely childminder who is fab but i have a few general CM questions that i need to have answered as have a few niggling worries about things.

CM has been looking after 2 brothers for 5 years. Eldest just started school and she now looks after their youngest sibling, a baby.

She also looks after my DS and another little girl.

How many children is she allowed in her care if she is looking after an under 2?

She also collects her own child from school at end of day - does her own child count as a child in her care?

I am a little concerned that the band of brothers form a united front and gang up on my DS as when we collected him once they both pushed our DS over. I wonder if this is a frequent occurance or not.

he seems happy in her care when he gets there although when we try to get him ready to go to hers he always kicks up a fuss about going, but i think that is more because he is 2 and kicks up a fuss about anything at the moment.

How do i approach asking her things without sounding like an over-bearing mum? She is a wonderful lady and i don't want to offend by charging in like a bull in a china shop IYSWIM.


Katymac Wed 30-Sep-09 11:22:14

You should be able to see her certificate

Normally it it 6 under 8 with upto 3 of them being under 5, with 1 of those being under 1

Her children would not be included on the certificate, but would be included in the numbers

If you have her EY number you can check on the OFSTED website what her certificate would say

I think she has

a)2 after school children (even if the brother is only 4 as he attends school full-time he classes as an over 5

b)Brother, your DS & little girl

So she could have another school age child

About the siblings 'ganging' up on your DS - you can only bring it up, sorry, there isn't an easy way

Unfortunately you are right about 2yos

Stigaloid Wed 30-Sep-09 11:38:50

Thank you.

Katymac Wed 30-Sep-09 11:40:53

Meant to say that is in England (& Wales) I think Scotland is different

CWilliams46 Wed 30-Sep-09 12:30:48

I understood that children do not leave the EYFS category until 31st August after thier 5th Birthday.

Katymac Wed 30-Sep-09 12:46:24

They don't so children in reception still need EYFS observations & planning. However while attending school for 10 session (5 days morning & afternoon) they count as a 5yo for ratio purposes - they used to be called 'rising fives' not sure what the current name for them is.

Otherwise we would all refuse to look after reception children as they took a FT space but could only bring 3 hrs (or so) income

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