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Wednesday Staff Room - fresh bread about to come out of the oven!

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StrictlyAvadaKedavra Wed 30-Sep-09 10:05:45

Morning, hope nobody minds me opening up today?

Fresh bread in the oven, should be ready in about 20 minutes, lemon curd and raspberry jam on the side, tea in the pot.

I haven't got anyone in till after school today, a few slow weeks with a couple of pters while I wait for new mindees starting mid Oct - dare I say it, I am getting bored now shock

PinkChick Wed 30-Sep-09 10:27:27 must be just about ready to come out..have brought lurpak and brussels pate as long as you dont mind wink...

Glad you're having a relaxing time, get stuff done that you wont be able to in oct, around house, but mainly for YOU so its done and you dont streas you cant do it when you're busier smile

am enjoying these quiet mornings, even though they are spent sorting out this rubbish problem, but am getting a bit of tidying and cleaning done to and as sad as i sound, when things like that are done, i do feel better LOL.....

Right missus...get that bread starving!! smile

HSMM Wed 30-Sep-09 12:45:35

Yum. Thanks. Just been informed by DH that it's my fault that he brought something that would go out of date before we can eat it hmm

Katymac Wed 30-Sep-09 12:53:18

I'm having a piece (just out of the breadmaker) with butter - I can't fancy anything else

Lots of children
Lots of noise
Lots of headache

crace Wed 30-Sep-09 13:28:43

HSMM - lol, sorry. It could POSSIBLY be his fault. Men are simply not programmed that way.

PC - hope things getting better? I know you need to be cryptic

Thanks for the bread!

Katy, I am with you on the headache. And it's just going to get worse.

Had toddlers this morning, great fun as always but lots of children, lots of noise, lots of headache ala Katymac style. Luckily it was lunch when we got back and naptime. I could use a nap myself!

Hey - can I pick everyones brain? I am thinking about taking an active role in our toddler group, but will always have my own ds and a toddler mindee with me each week. It's the usual set up/snack/tidy up stuff but do you think mindees parents would see this as bad? I will of course talk to them about it, and if mindee were ill we wouldn't go blah blah blah. What do you all think?

thebody Wed 30-Sep-09 13:36:54

all my 3 asleep.. bless.. Crace I would think they would love the idea, I would if I was them, its nice for the kids to mix with fun..

On a personal note my eldest ds went to uni last Sunday and loves it.. but I am missing the big lummox.. trying to think up an excuse to drive over to see him this Sunday but dh wont let me..

know pathetic.. hes only 80 miles away after all and hardly saw him when he lived here, always out or in his room..

any good ideas for legitimate visit???

PinkChick Wed 30-Sep-09 14:03:07

you made too many of <insert his fave meal/pie/desert> and didnt want it to go to were just passing to get the the little shops, the only place thats sells your favourite xyz which happen to be right near him and thought you would pop in...TBH i bet he would actually be very pleased (even if secretly) to see you wink

Thanks Crace, and your plan sounds good to me, see what parents think?

am pondering....given the latest goings on, i know life has to go on...BUT you think if i put in a varaition request to ofsted, they would seriously consider it?..they havent had 'anything' as far as i know 'yet'...i only need 1 hour, possibly 1 day(maybe less often) per week at a time when i dont need to be out and about anywhere, so no need for extra buggy seat and so on???....dont 'need' it yet, but one current mindee who i love dearly is using 1 1/2 hours 2-4 days per week and am worried i wont be able to fill place because of this possible hour on one day every so often??

thebody Wed 30-Sep-09 14:34:41

sneaky and good Pinkchick.. I like it..

StrictlyAvadaKedavra Wed 30-Sep-09 18:00:25

Wow, just tkaen my afterschoolie home (I provide pick ups and drop offs, how good am I grin) to find that out of the blue Mum may be having several of her younger siblings come to live permanently with her, I may have to do a lot of juggling and have 2 more mindees to fit in shock

thebody Wed 30-Sep-09 19:16:41

will that be good or bad?

StrictlyAvadaKedavra Wed 30-Sep-09 19:18:53

I really don't know tbh! Logistical nightmare certainly but obviously if I can fit them in I will even if I have to get variations sorted out, shouldn't be a problem with that I don't think. Continuity of care etc.

PinkChick Wed 30-Sep-09 20:23:40

LOL TheBody wink

spoke to chilcare co ordinator for advice today..she blatently didnt give a damn about my worries and instead wanted me to 'take further' small concerns i had throughout my care!!!?? am fuming, have enough on at minute without doing this as quite poss making mountain out of molehill! really angry that she's made me question more things !

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