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Need another aupair. our one decided to leave

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CarlyP Wed 08-Jun-05 07:25:45

Hi Everyone,

Im fairly new and we got an aupair at the end of may ready for my return to work. Well im back at work now and last night she said she wanted to leave. she loves us apparently but misses her boyfriend (of 5yrs). she can stay for another few months, but now i need to find another aupair willing to start the last week of aug for at least 6mths.

i feel so awful as ive tried my hardest to make her feel welcome (which she says she does/has) but she really wants to go home. which is fine. but im worried about my boys. i really need someone for longer than 3mths at a time. 9/12mths would be ideal. my boys are 6mth and 17mth and im worried about the change for them and how it will affect them. anyone got any idea of what i can do to help them?

i live nr bihsops storford, so if anyone knows of a fab aupair in this area looking for a job, please let me know!!!



MaryP0p1 Wed 08-Jun-05 08:43:41

Your children are very young and I can see why you can't have an au pair for a few months and then leave. What about using a nanny, or nanny share option (perhaps a nanny with own child). The other alternative is advertise for an au pair for a fixed period.

Good luck with your search.

CarlyP Wed 08-Jun-05 10:35:30


We looked into getting a nanny this time as we had one for the eldest for a few months before no.2 came along. it worked out well but i was working from home alot and knew what time i would be in. with an aupair they live in and if im late it isnt such a big panic. the extra pair of hands is helpful around the house aswell. a nanny with her own child would have commitments outside of working hours when i may need extra time or babysitting, so with an au pair i was hoping to keep these changes to a minimum. with this aupair it was for 1yr fixed term, but i guess u cant help how u feel.



goldenoldie Wed 08-Jun-05 17:24:31

CarlyP - if they want the job au-apairs will say they will stay a year, regardless of what they may have planned. So please don't take it as agreed that just because they have said they are staying for a year, they will.

Working for a family that pays more, gives more perks, has older children, has fewer children, or any combination of these or more are likley to make your au-pair walk.

Nanny is more expensive - but more reliable and likely to stay with you for the year.

sinclair Wed 08-Jun-05 18:13:06

CarlyP are you still working from home or are you looking for 'sole charge' childcare? If you are out of the home for more than a few hours a day I would seriously consider another route with children as young as yours. You can be lucky and find an 'au pair' who has childcare experience and is willing to do the hours - but in my experience it is as rare as hen's teeth, and you can very easily be let down. I would cough up for an experienced nanny (and build the flexible timings into the job description if that is an issue) or look at alternatives such as daycare/childminders. Good luck with your search.

CarlyP Tue 14-Jun-05 13:08:57

dont you think if i had 1.5-2k a month spare cash i would employ a fab nanny........not sure how much u earn, im in the 40% tax bracket but you must be well on over 100k.

uwila Wed 15-Jun-05 08:19:00

Have you tried posting an ad on and

I might know someone you'd be interested in. She is looking for a "nanny" position but willing to work for less than a fortune. CAT me for details if you are interested.

Good luck with your search!

CarlyP Wed 15-Jun-05 15:47:03

the aupair agency have got back to us with an aupair that has looked after a 1 and 2 yr old set of boys, so hopefully this will work out. thanks uwila, if needed i will cat you tomorrow.



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