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beachbummum Tue 07-Jun-05 19:02:32

My daughter has just turned 1 and i look after a child who is 11 months. On Thursday I have a mum comming to see me who wants a place for september for her child who will be 3months old. For some of the week I will have all 3 children together. Anyone have an idea how I can get everyone out without buying a triple buggy?

misdee Tue 07-Jun-05 19:03:17


NannyL Tue 07-Jun-05 19:05:51

could the oldest stand on a buggy board? (or is that asking to much?)

If not a agree either a 'sling' for the little one or a 'back pack' for one of the older ones!

beachbummum Tue 07-Jun-05 19:06:43

Yes I have got one but I think it may be a bit hard when going up the park with the dog? would be good around town. thanks

beachbummum Tue 07-Jun-05 19:08:00

Katie's only just starting to walk but by September it ahe may be ok.

Xena Tue 07-Jun-05 19:09:37

I think that I would buy a 2nd hand triple. I was going to take on a similar lot to yours and just the ease of being able to pop them all in the buggy also to beable to hold the dogs lead on the way.

beachbummum Tue 07-Jun-05 19:10:36

Did you find it easy to get hold of a 2nd hand buggy.

Xena Tue 07-Jun-05 19:21:27

ebay is the best place. I would advise you watch a few first and see what they go for so you know how much to bid for. As an idea you can buy this one else where NEW normally for about £250

lunavix Tue 07-Jun-05 19:23:23

I'm in a simliar position, I have ds who's 14 months and twins who are 21 months. Sadly I need a triple buggy! The twins simply can't walk far enough to get to playgroup or into t`own.

I've been using my double buggy with ds or the lighter twin in a sling, but it is a REAL struggle. THe only problem is they start at £150 on ebay :/

beachbummum Tue 07-Jun-05 20:02:39

I think I am going to have to buy a triple buggy! even though they are so expensive.

KatieMac Tue 07-Jun-05 21:28:34

Are you in a C/Ming network - they lend out equipment and might have a triple buggy?

SpanishEyes Wed 08-Jun-05 14:53:02

you're very brave having three under 2's!!!

blodwen Wed 08-Jun-05 21:33:28

I have adapted my Urban Detour 3 wheeler double to take three children. Two babies (4 & 5 months) in the lie-back seats, and the 18 month old has a seat on the foot-rest at the front. It is made from a plastic baby swing seat (the small, moulded plastic one), which is blocked up on the footrest and fixed to the bar with cable ties. It is very secure and rigid, and she LOVES sitting at the front being the 'driver'. She even has a steering wheel fixed on sometimes! Loads of people comment on our 'vehicle'. It remains a dream to push, even one handed whilst holding the 2 year olds hand! Not suitable for sleeping in the front seat, but school runs etc no problem. Also the seat comes off with the bar, so reverts instantly to a 2 seater. And all for a fiver!

beachbummum Thu 09-Jun-05 06:51:12

a fab idea with the swing seat.

i am on a network i will phone today and see if they have a triple buggy. thanks for the idea.

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