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assistant advice please

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mumjojo Sun 27-Sep-09 18:24:31

I am thinking of taking on an assistant...I live in London- how much do you think is a fair salary (daily rate)? Also, what happens if the assistant is sick- does anyone know of any agencies where I can get someone for the day?? (I know I can call the parents and cancel for the day but don't really want to do that- not very professional in my eyes).
Any advice would be appreciated

Katymac Sun 27-Sep-09 19:39:41

You had an answer to this here which you neither expanded on nor thanked xoxcherylxox

IMO using agencies is not acceptable, you must pay the minimum wage (remember to allow for 11% NI); you might be better to consider 2 part-timers as that makes cover more possible.

Remember that after 6 hours an assistant requires (by law) a half hour break away from the children & that you must have employers liability insurance, employee risk assessments, HASAW policies/statements, employment contracts - I'm sure there is more but it is Sunday night

mumjojo Mon 28-Sep-09 07:37:08

Thank you (and thanks to xoxcherylxox)! It sounds like a lot of extra work and stress...

xoxcherylxox Fri 02-Oct-09 10:58:47

i actually got my assisstant to register self employed as she is only doing 16hrs so wouldnt need to pay tax anyways as wouldnt earn enough plus childminders are self employed i also phoned the tax office before hand and they said it is fine and long as she is registered somewhere either as an employee or self employed also if they dont work more than 6 hours a day then you dont need a break plus we both tend to get a break at the sametime when all children go to sleep.

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