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Nanny looking for work in West Sussex

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saz333 Sun 27-Sep-09 00:15:39


I am currently looking after two children three days a week in West Sussex and have two other days free per week and am looking for another family to help.

I have great references and my current family and previous family are both happy to talk to any new families about me.

Part time work is fine and I am always free for babysitting if anyone needs that also.

Does anyone know of a family who needs help in West Sussex?

Thanks so much

saz333 Sun 27-Sep-09 11:09:52

Any advice on where I should look. I have looked on gumtree etc but is there anywhere else mums advertise or look apart from agencies?


runikka Sun 27-Sep-09 18:12:52


We are in Ashington and possibly might have a vacancy soon. If you e-mail me on runikfam @ aol . com (without spaces) if you are local and a bit more about what days you are available and hours etc

Kindest Regards

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