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Would you hold it against....

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Tavvy Sat 26-Sep-09 21:27:33

Basically am seeking a parents opinion.
I'm a nanny who came highly recommended with excellent references. I am on a years contract in a job I have no intention of renewing for various reasons none of which I'll go into but I'm not happy there. However I am worried when I do leave it will be held against me that I have quite literally played a game of sitting ducks - waited out the contract and then ran for the hills for reasons I feel are not my fault. I care a lot about my two little charges but I cannot stay on that alone as it is intolerable.
I'm quite happy to be upfront with prospective families about why I walked after the minimum time commitment withholding the personal details but would you hold it against a nanny who'd done this if all her other refs were glowing?

Summersoon Sat 26-Sep-09 21:37:07

No, though I would ask some probing questions about why you decided not to renew the contract and I would want to talk to the family you are leaving. However, we have all had jobs from time to time which haven't worked out for one reason or another and, so long as all your other references are very good, which you say they are, it shouldn't be a problem.
You might want to think very carefully about what you tell the next prospective employer about this job - you don't want to be seen as slagging off an employer but equally you want to be seen as acting quite reasonably in this situation. Something along the lines of "well, I just felt that I never quite gelled with the parents and good communication is very important to me" etc.

Tavvy Sat 26-Sep-09 22:40:14

I had no intention of slagging off my employer. I'm not that tye and it's unprofessional anyway. I was just going to say that for various reasons I learnt very quickly that it wasn't the right job for me but decided to stay for the agreed time as I liked the children and having agreed to make the commitment I wanted to stick to it all of which is true. It's been a learning experience is all can say. I'll chalk it up to experience (obv will not be saying that too loudly)
There are two sides to every story as you say but I would prefer to secure my next post without this jobs reference simply because they do not know I am leaving and until I have another position to go to it is not in my best interests to rock the boat.
I am nanny number ?????teen in four years so I don't think it is just me at all tbh

nannynick Sun 27-Sep-09 09:00:51

If it is a one year fixed term contract, then you will be leaving at the point that the contract expires.
Agree with Summersoon, you need to be prepared for future employers to ask you about the job... and why you decided not to do a second year if the contract was to be extended. With luck the parents will give you a good reference.

drinkyourmilk Sun 27-Sep-09 09:58:17

I know plenty of nannies who change jobs on a yearly basis. I can't see that being held against you - unless you have no long term job history (iyswim).

StillSquiffy Sun 27-Sep-09 13:13:00

Tavvy. As a nanny employer. I would be very open about accepting your reasons for leaving (whatever they may be) but I would insist on talking to the last family as well as previous references. It doesn't mean for a minute that I would believe anything they say, but I would not hire without it. Anyone who has been through the recruitment process once or twice can spot the things that don't ring true a mile off and it would be more reassuring to hear their side than not (especially if they talk absolute rubbish - an employer will immediately have more sympathy for an applicant in this instance).

The key thing is that you are open and honest; even if there were mistakes made on both sides (not suggesting there is of course) - admitting any errors you made in such a situation is no problem, hiding them is. That's one of the reasons why I would insist on talking to other family. The other reason is that once (and only once) someone persuaded me not to speak to their previous employer. And I got very very burned as a result.

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