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is it usual to ask for references and CRB check when employing a childminder?

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bossykate Tue 07-Jun-05 12:01:53

will shortly be looking for a cm and just wondered if it were standard practice to ask for these.

thanks in advance

WideWebWitch Tue 07-Jun-05 12:02:47

No idea whether it's usual but I can't see why one wouldn't.

HellyBelly Tue 07-Jun-05 12:07:15

I'm a childminder and would expect to be asked for these. We all have to get a CRB check in order to be registered and get our own copy to keep on file.

As for references, not everyone has these but again, I'd expect to be asked. If it's a newly registered childminder they may not have references for minding but maybe have something for babysitting etc. in the past?

Feel free to ask for advice - or website

bossykate Tue 07-Jun-05 12:07:25

no, me neither, but just had a sort of wobble about it! usual or not, i don't think i would be hiring anyone who couldn't provide either one...

kcemum Tue 07-Jun-05 12:10:18

If you are going to see a registered childminder they automatically have to have CRB checks as it's a requirment of registration, however it wouldn't harm to ask. Also always ask/hear about references- preferably by past and present parents. HTH

NomDePlume Tue 07-Jun-05 12:11:31

When I attempted (and failed) my first return to the fray, I placed DD with a childminder. When I first went to meet up with her, the first thing she did was get out her file with all her health and safety certificates, council registrations, CRB check and proof of qualifications, I didn't even have to ask.

kcemum Tue 07-Jun-05 12:12:04

Sorry not very clear...ask to speak to present parents away from the care setting by phone or in person

NomDePlume Tue 07-Jun-05 12:12:59

I also took the numbers of 3 parents who had used her, I called them all, who were very complimentary. I also got to give a 'review' of the cm's care when another potential mummy/client phoned me for a ref.

badgerhead Tue 07-Jun-05 12:26:19

As a childminder of 10 years standing, a word of warning re CRB checks, if the childminder was registered prior to Ofsted taking over the inspections in 2002 then she/he might not have a CRB check as we then were only checked via socail services & a police check was done. I would definitely be happy for a prospective parent to ask if I had any references, I keep copies of thank you cards etc & I know that if I asked any of my current parents they would give a reference as well. Also childminders are not employees of parents but self employed people running their own businesses who you should enter into a contract with. The childminder would have these either drawing up their own or using a pre printed one that can be purchased from the National Childminding Association for completion by the childminder & parents.

batters Tue 07-Jun-05 12:33:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

feelingold Tue 07-Jun-05 12:36:15

When I meet new parents I usually go into the kitchen to make them a coffee so they have time to look at my portfolio for a couple of minutes alone. In it are all of my course and qualification certificates (inc first aid etc), my crb check, registration certificate, last ofsted report, public liability insurance certificate, details about me, my family and my working hours and charges, all of my policies (behaviour, child protection etc), my car mot, insurance and photocopy of tax disc, list of activities we are likely to do and places we may go.
I have found that most things are covered and parents rarely have to ask anything.
If a childminder does not have this kind of information readily available (and if you do not have time to read it all ask for a copy) then I would not consider using them.
Good luck with your search.

bossykate Tue 07-Jun-05 13:10:56

thank you very much everyone, this is all very useful.

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