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what is the difference between a nanny and a childminder?

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purlease Thu 24-Sep-09 10:52:51

Nothing else to add - just don't know the difference...

StillSquiffy Thu 24-Sep-09 11:05:09

your house - nanny. Her house - childminder.

Nanny = employee, no regulations, you set the rules, your kids. Childminder = self-employed, lots of red tape, she sets the rules, your kids and more kids.

Nanny expensive if you have one child, cheap for 3+, childminder vice versa.

Julesnobrain Thu 24-Sep-09 11:07:31

A childminder looks after children in their (the childminders) own home.They have training but are not 'qualified' in the same way as nanny is. They are self employed. A nanny is a person who looks after children in the children's own home as an employee of the parents and has professional childcare qualifications

nbee84 Thu 24-Sep-09 11:09:14

A nanny works from your home. A cm from her own home.

You employ a nanny, so are responsible for paying her tax and ni and you also pay employers ni. A child minder is self employed and you use her services and pay the rates that she charges and she takes care of her own tax and ni.

A nanny is paid per family. A cm charges per child.

You have a lot more say in how a nannies day is worked. A cm works to her own schedule and you find one that fits in with you.

A nanny does child related chores - so you come home to a tidy playroom and the childrens washing and ironing done.

I'm sure ther'll be more added smile

BradfordMum Thu 24-Sep-09 11:22:58

Sorry but I know plenty nannies who have NO qualifications and many childminders who have trained long and hard to raise their CM'ing profile.

Shoshe Thu 24-Sep-09 11:32:23

excuse me Juls, but most CM's ARE qualified!

I have a Early Years Foundation Degree, NNEB, NVQ's and numerous other qualifications!

Most CM's are at least Level 3 NVQ.

We all do training in EYFS, Behaviour Mangement, First Aid and Safeguarding Children, which have to be updated every three years.

We are Inspected by Ofsted every three years.

Most Nannies are Qualified, but they dont have to be.

Cm's are self employed working from their home.

Nannies are employed working from your home.

purlease Thu 24-Sep-09 11:36:19

thanks all for your responses. That is really helpful.

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