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CM Club - Exclusion period for Hand, foot and mouth?

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Booh Thu 24-Sep-09 09:23:27

Does anyone know if and how long I need to exclude for this?

I can't find it anywhere on my list of illnesses.

looneytune Thu 24-Sep-09 09:55:55

You don't have to exclude, the recommendation is to carry on as normal. I had a mindee with this 3/4 years ago and his poor little hands were weepy and blistered and as he was just a crawler at that stage, his hands got all sorts of bits in the skin I made sure I soaked them regularly to keep them clean and patted dry with kitchen roll.


Booh Thu 24-Sep-09 11:03:42

Thanks looneytune

The LO goes to nursery too and he has been excluded for a week

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