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Help What do I doo?

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atworknotworking Tue 22-Sep-09 16:11:58

Just ripped half me finger nail off [very big ow emocion]

Do I need to get it taken off properly or will it just grow back?

crace Tue 22-Sep-09 16:47:40

EEEEEKK! I think it may fall off on its own, happened to DHs big toenail. It turned black (yum) and fell off a couple of weeks later once a new nail started growing in.

I do feel for you, it is so painful.

Treeesa Wed 23-Sep-09 15:38:58

Just seen this from yesterday..

The nail will continue to grow unless you have damaged the nail bed - the real growing part..

If you have damaged the nail bed (the part under the white suticle), then you shouldn't pull it or remove it. Let it happen naturally over time (and it can take a LONG time).. If the nail dies then a new one will start to grow, but it is shielded by the old one so better to not do anything. Pulling may well cause the next nail to be slightly defected i.e. twisted or to have a ridge line or two where the bed has been damaged..

If it's very painful then go to a chemist and ask for a finger stall to slip over it. If they don't have any then you can buy online at companies such as vivomed, vimed or steroplast oshould all sell them.

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