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Ofsted fee - is this right?

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babylily Tue 22-Sep-09 13:35:38

Hi there,
I am a childminder...but am giving up next week as we are moving to scotland. My annual registration fee is due in 4 weeks time so I rang ofsted to tell them i would be giving up my registration as i will need to go and register with the scottish care commission, etc.
I was a bit shocked to find out that I have to pay the £30 fee anyway as it is retrospective. I have gone back through my paperwork and can see nothing that makes this clear. (oh, and if i don't pay it they will inform the scc that i am not suitable to registration.)
And if I work a day past my registration date I will be liable for the 2009/2010 registration fee despite living and working in a different country.
Guess I must have missed this information.
Nasty horrible person on the phone which really didn't help...

Shoshe Tue 22-Sep-09 15:11:22

I'm sorry I cant answer you, but I'm sure Nick will be able to, sure he will be along if we keep this bumped.

Marney Mon 28-Sep-09 19:52:34

think you are being treated very unfairly and should give human rights a call they are supposed to be there to pr0tect ordinary people from overbearing organisations even goverment ones arent they.
They think you should pay twice why? or they can threaten to inform the Scottish care commission you are not suitable what if you really cant afford it especially with the expence involved in moving .I can really imagine some horrible person on the phone i Had months of unbearable stress when Ofsted falsley accused me of breaching a regulation and decided to investigate me for suitable person or not because i couldnt stop crying when i was wrongly informed i had breached a regulation GOOD LUCK!!

nannynick Tue 29-Sep-09 07:29:40

Don't call Ofsted, write to them. To resign you need to send them a letter stating that you wish to resign your registration enclosing your registration certificate.
Not sure what happens about fees... has the date of your annual registration passed?

Katymac Tue 29-Sep-09 08:55:06

I think they are right

You pay your registration fee when you register - I think this is for the actual process of registering

Then a year later you get your annual fee - for the year you have just minded through

Maybe....possibly....I think....perhaps?

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